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Picture Update

Everytime we ask Emily if she wants to go see Santa she says," NO! Ride horsey?" She saw Santa and rode the carousel all in one afternoon and the carousel was, of course, her favorite. She associates Santa with horses now. Emily LOVES horses after this experience. Her Daddy rode with her several times. Emily screaming for me to rescue her.

Fun and Terror for Emily

We had a nice Thanksgiving in MS. On Saturday we took Emily to Tupelo to see Santa at the mall. I put her in a very precious Christmas dress with a big red bow in her hair. We waited in line for over 30 minutes and wouldn't you know, the minute we get to Santa Emily had a major meltdown. I told Santa to hold her anyway and they took her picture. It is VERY cute. She was screaming 'Mama!" They also had a carousel at the mall and Emily rode it at least six times. She adored it! Steve and I took turns riding with her. It is so fun to let her experience these things.

Halloween Costume

Emily will be a kitten this year for Halloween!

Fancy Feet

When Emily gets something in her head she moves like lightening. Sunday night she was frantically taking her little shoes off. She had spotted mine and wanted them. She moved all over the kitchen with ease in my shoes. She is ALL girl!

Visit to Camden

The family had a pleasant visit to south Arkansas this weekend to see our friends get married. It was a wonderful ceremony and we had a great time with Mimi and Granddaddy. Emily loved her table with crayons and a coloring book! Emily pointing to a puppy. Emily and Granddaddy Emily and Mimi Family laughing at Mimi's dancing.

Emily's New Toy

Since Emily had nothing to play with in the backyard, we bought her this little play set from Wal-Mart. She really had a lot of fun sliding and climbing on the castle.
It has been so long since I have done a blog entry that I have almost forgotten how. Last week Steve and I enjoyed a WONDERFUL vacation to Gulf Shores with our best friends, Scott and Kelly. I wish I were there right now! My folks and Steve's folks came to our house and both kept Emily at the same time. Pretty amazing that two sets of parents get along so well and love each other. They stared at Emily the whole time and thought everything she did was great. The two mothers tried to stuff her with food because my mother thinks I don't feed her enough. Emily is pretty picky. (Wonder where that comes from?) I say that I love all hot food- thngs that are cooked. There are some things that I just can NOT eat. Here are a few of them: Chicken salad Ranch dressing Mayo mustard tuna salad liver any kind of salad dressing sweet pickles beets potato salad cottage cheese sour cream cold pasta salad There are still a lot of things I do like! I want Emily to like all sorts of foo


Emily has gotten the Barney song a bit mixed up. A couple of weeks ago she began singing, " I love me, I love me." She loves to burst out in this song at any time. She sings this phrase to the Barney tune over and over. It is really cute.


Our home has been pretty boring for the past couple of days. We have had lots of guest and now they are all gone and it is kinda sad. My college friend, Kim came last weekend. We always have so much fun together. Kim is so funny and FUN!!!!!!!!! I am always smiling when she is around. We ate lots of good food last weekend. Then on Monday my lifelong friend, Kelly and her children came to visit. Emily loved being with Logan and Lauren. She was royally entertained. Kelly and I also had lots of good food and fun shopping together. Kelly always has such good taste in food and stores. She introduced me to Bath Junkie. It was fun to look and smell, but SOOOOOOO expensive. I bought a little candle there. Money up in smoke! Kelly and I had such a great time together. Kelly can make anything fun! I was so thankful that these two wonderful friends could come see us! I can be myself with these girls. We will always be close. Emily has been singing a lot latley. She is just a

The Mullet Cutting

Since the first time we ever saw baby Emily she had a rat tail. As she has grown and her hair has grown , it has become an all out mullet. Only a mother's love can love that little mullet on my precious daughter. It has actually really entertained Steve and I thinking that, " our daughter has a mullet." It is just the way her hair grows. Bless her heart. Last Thursday night I decided to cut the mullet. It had began to cause her problems when I would take a bib off and accidently pull her hair in the bib's velcro. She would scream and cry in protest. As I looked at her last Thursday morning, I thought," there is no reason for her to have her hair this way. I am going to cut it when Steve gets home." Of course, Steve did not object. I wet her hair down and in one chop got the mullet. I was a little nervous to see it at first. I rushed her to the bath for a good hair washing and styling and it looked great! I was so glad I cut it! It stills comes to a point, bu


I decided that I better blog today before I get kicked out of the blogging circle. I blog today in a new home. Three weeks ago we moved 30 minutes up the road to be closer to Steve's work and our beloved church and friends. We are really loving it. I miss my old neighborhood and neighbors, but I LOVE my new house and my new space! I also love being so close to church and the activities I am involved in. I was thinking last night that Steve and I have been through a lot of changes since we got married: 1. We changed churches. 2. We got pregnant 6 months into marriage. 3. I stopped working when Emily was born. 4. Steve started a new job in his company. 5. We made a move to a new house. That is a lot for two and a half years of marriage. It has all been great changes. Another change, Emily is walking EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! She is into everything. I am loving my time right now when she is asleep. But, when she wakes up after a good nap I am always so excited to see

Emily's Best Day Ever

Yesterday, my college friend Christy and her family came to visit from Texas. Christy has three little girls. Emily was delighted to have three girls play with her all day. They loved carrying her around and playing with Emily and all her toys. As if that were not fun enough, we went to the Gentry drive through zoo. Emily has NEVER been so excited. I think she was having "spells" because she was so thrilled. I love going to the place too, so I guess she gets it natural. Emily loved the animals coming up to the window. She would say hi to them and played peek-a-boo with a few of them. She spent a lot of time saying "oooh, ooh,ooh." We all had a great day yesterday. I loved being with Christy and her family and catching up on things. This morning when Emily woke up at 5:00a.m., I put her next to me in bed so she would go back to sleep. She had a dream that caused her to smile big behind that pacifer, I couldn't help but wonder if she was thinking abo


Emily has gone nuts over cheese. It is her favorite food. If you even say the word, she stops what she is doing and says, "Yeah,Yeah,Yeah Yeah!!!" It is all she wants to eat. When I get the cheese out of the refridge, she screams in delight waving her arms and kicking her legs. As she eats her other food, she says "cheeeee, Cheeee,Cheee." She says it when she wakes up from naps and first thing in the morning. I guess I am the mean mother, because I don't give it to her everytime she asks. I want her to like and eat a variety of food. Well, Emily is still asleep this morning and guess what her first request will be when she wakes?

Back to Blog

I have to thank my sweet husband for posting the Christmas pictures. Let, me assure you I was not calling myself a Christmas angel. That was all Steve's doings. I need to have him post some more recent pictures. Emily has had her FIRST Birthday. I have not really known what to do with a one year old, but I am learning. Emily is getting around by walking on her knees. As Christians, that is how we need to get around too! We are having a hard time getting her to take a sippy cup. OH well, I am not going to worry about it yet. In all my years of teaching, I have never seen a Kindergartener drinking from a bottle. Everyone assures me that she will learn soon. This morning was my Bible study. It was really good and so practical. I am soooooooooooo glad to see the sun today!!!!!!!!! I promise to post more later this week!