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Emily's Clever Phone Holder

Emily loves to pretend she is talking on the phone. She often pretends to call her grandparents and Uncle Justin and many times she calls Kelly and Scott. A few times she has even told us she has talked to God. This morning she was talking and she said it was Meme. She went on to say that "meme at the mall getting some cheese." When I think of the mall, I don't think of cheese. As Emily was telling me about her conversation with Meme, she closed her phone and put it in the side of her diaper and went on about her business. Those stretchy sides are not just for a good fit, they hold phones!

A few weeks ago Meredith tagged me about 6 quirks about myself. I had to think about it and limit it to six. There are so many!
1. All the blinds in the house have to be either all closed up or all closed down before I can go to bed.
2. I always get the same thing each time at all the resturants we go to. Once I find a good item on the menu, I stick with it!
3. I HAVE to wash my hands when I come home from somewhere.
4. I LOVE CHIPS AND SALSA! I hate to say this, but when it comes to the table I want no interruptions as I eat it for about 5 minutes. No conversation or waiters or anything. I just need a moment with the salsa.
5. I always smell of things. Like if someone gives me a gift I smell of it(not in front of them). I like to see what their house smells like. Tells you a lot about someone!
6. I HAVE to lock the doors the second I get in the car.


Kelly said…
"I need a moment with the salsa".....I am laughing about that because it is so true.
Emily is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenna said…
I'm a salsa lover too! Especially Chili's salsa...or Abuelo's...or Maria's...well, you get the picture!
Julie said…
What a creative inventor you have!!!

I love chips and salsa and will have that sometimes for dinner. Have you ever tried Ranch dressing with Chili's salsa and chips!!
R said…
wow...i relate to so many of those! sticking to one thing on the menu, washing my hands when i get home, and the chips and salsa. :0)
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I must confess that I have read your blog before but never left a comment. You have two very beautiful daughters! And while I'm confessing...a few of the quirks on your list would also be mine as well (especially the washing the hands after I've been somewhere)! (:
Rebekah said…
Emily is so funny! I love the innocent things that kids come up with. You and your habits!!! You crack me up!

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