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On the Mend

Thank you again for your prayers and concerns about our health. My finger is almost perfect. It began peeling on Wednesday. The Dr. said that was very normal. The Lord healed me! I am so grateful! I have met and heard of some people that had the same thing and it did not turn out as well for them.
Emily's ears seem well now too.
SK is still very congested sounding. The Dr said she had the down hill slide of a cold. She has a terrible sounding cough.

Thank you for telling me about putting my phone in a bag of uncooked rice. I took your advice, but it did not work. My phone was too long gone from water damage. I am back to an updated version of my old 13 year old phone. It cost $40. I just could not and would not pay $300 to replace my new fancy phone. This phone makes calls and takes calls. That is about it. ha ha!


Guy and Julie said…
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful about your finger.
Kelley said…
I am so glad you are feeling better! God is the great physician! I am also glad to hear Emily's ears are better. I understand about SK's cough. My Mary-Kate (3 and 1/2 years old) coughed for 3 weeks. She had an antibiotic and everything, but I guess it had to run its course. She sounded awful and was she very grumpy for a while. I hope SK's cough stops soon and doesn't linger like MK's did.
Kim said…
Hey! Sorry to hear about your phone! I have an old one i can give you if that helps. I'm very happy you're not going to lose your finger!! Let's get together again soon!
One last thing...thank you for bringing the girls by on Halloween. They looked precious and I love seeing them...and you too!
Jacquie said…
Hey Laurie, we have all of our cell phones covered with our home/auto insurance carrier. Costs us about $20-$30 per phone per year... well worth it. The trick is knowing how much to insure them for since the phone companies don't really tell you how much it will cost to replace it if you lose it or break it or wash it not long after you buy it.

Just a thought.
Lauren said…
So so glad you are feeling better!!! :)
LuLu said…
This sounds crazy, but try pouring alcohol in your husband did it with his ipod and it worked like a charm:)

Glad you are well!!

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