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Restuarant Rant

I just have to laugh..................

A couple of weekends ago the girls spent the night with friends.  Steve and I used this night to have a date.  We went to P.F. Chang's.  We love that place,  the atmosphere and the food.
I always get the same thing everytime I visit a restuarant.  At P.F. Chang's, I get wok charred beef.  I usually never look at a menu because I always know what I am going to get.
I ordered my usual and the kind waiter said,  "Oh mam, that is no longer on our menu."
I replied with a smile on my face saying,"OF COURSE IT IS NOT!"  Of course it is off the menu because I LOVE it."  I was smiling and joking with him, but I was so frustrated.  I explained to him that everything I love on a menu gets taken off.  He was apologizing and saying it was the manager's favorite dish as well and he hated to see it taken off.  I think the waiter was real scared of me, because when our food came, the server told us that our waiter had given us an extra side dish, on the house.
I ended up ordering Kung Pow chicken and it was great, but I will forever miss the wok charred beef.

Steve and I spent the entire dinner discussing how many menu items had been taken off restuarants menus and how many restuarants I loved have closed down.

It made for a lengthy conversation.

When I was first pregnant with Emily,  I used to order Shang hi shrimp at Market Place Grill.  I claimed that it was my favorite meal EVER in the history of my eating.  We went there every week to get it.  Well, we go in one particular night and it is GONE from the menu......gone forever more.  I talked to the manager and he told me it was not a good seller.  I think I cried.  This was the beginning.

Then there was Belvedeer's.  Best Italian food I have ever had. The atmosphere was wonderful,  The food and service was out of this world good.  I ate there most every week for ten years.  Steve and I drove up one Saturday night and the place was cleaned out...GONE....never to re-open again.  I am still grieving that one.

Also Gloria Jean's coffee let me down.  Their Chocolate Avalanche was THE BEST frozen drink EVER...................the place bit the dust................GONE

Chili's no longer has just normal quesadillas.  They no longer grill their chicken for fajitas or quesadillas.  I am not a fan!  Still go there for the chips and salsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Olive Garden took my long time favorite off their menu recently.  I used to get this seafood dish that was soooooooooooooooooooo good.  I had ordered it for many years.  Oh the sadness....
A waitress told me it was not a good seller.  Of course it wasn't/

Can you tell I am bitter??????????????

Lesson learned:  If I LOVE an item, it will be GONE.

I guess I have weird taste.

I love the unlovable food.   


Christi said…
I can't think of specific things (coffee needs to kick in, but I think that you and I have similar experiences! My typical is that I find a salad I like, and it's gone within a few months or a place goes out of business.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Shelly said…
Hi Laurie. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. You and Kelly remind me so much of me and my best friend. :) If you're talking about Belvedere's that used to be in Fayetteville, I've got great news for you! The owners of Belvedere's are now the owners of Mermaids in Fayetteville - and have some of the same menu items! I hope your favorite is still on there. :)
Tara G. said…
Just move out of the country for a while and get the real deal and then when you move back, very little will be your favorite because it just won't compare! :)
Nancy said…
I love your blog.
We used to LOVE Tony Roma's and that bit the dust, too. They had the best ribs.
Leslie said…
Belvedere's was soooo good. One time when my teenage son was 2, he was getting restless during our meal. The cook came out, picked him up and took him into the kitchen as a little tour. He brought him back to us, very happy, with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.
Sam and Allison said…
We have a Gloria Jean's in Nashville!!
Anonymous said…
You crack me up! This happened to me the other day too. It really is frustrating. I talked the waiter into having the chef make it for me anyway. It wasn't the same. :(
Anonymous said…
i have a weird thing as well: everytime i find a hairdresser i REALLY like, she'll be either quitting, getting pregnant or is moving within the next 4-6 months {yes, there's actually a timeline}.

i am actually afraid to try out a new one....or to like the one i'm going to....

you're not alone :)

Ashley said…
Watch out chips and salsa! Run for your life! She's called you out and your next!!!!!!! :)
Um, please stop eating the chips n salsa. I love them and I'd hate to see them go!!! ;)
Tiffany said…
I have the same trouble with Wal-Mart. If I like something - you can guarantee they will stop carrying it!
Mara said…
lol. That is frustrating. I've had it happen to a few things. Famous Dave's recently revamped their menu and took off one of my faves. I sat there and pouted secretly.
Courtney said…
I am just going to have to make sure that we don't like the same things!
Maryellen said…
RIght there with you Laurie.
Chili's White Chicken Chili - GONE
Favorite Vietnamese rest in NYC - GONE
My husbands favorite store-Value City GONE
oh the list goes on and on . . .

Well, I guess on the bright side we are forced to branch out and try new things.
Thankful that the one constant in life is GOD - as we know He never changes.
I'm sorry for your loss. ;)
Tammy M. said…
I feel the same way. And a lot of stuff that I loved was random personal items. But I promise I tell my husband the same thing! It will be gone because I love it! I am going to tell my age here but, in high school I loved the shampoo Gee your hair smells terrific....................discontinued, loved Tickle deodorant ..............discontinued, a certain cover girl foundation in crime beige....................discontinued, at Applebee's the grilled chicken won ton's...................discontinued. They told me the same thing wasn't a good seller and etc......... :-( I know you clearly see my point lol.
Tammy M. said…
Sorry not crime beige lol creme beige
Anna said…
Sometimes I feel like places change things just for the sake of change!
Giggles said…
My husband is always accusing me of calling Sam's and giving them a list of the things he wants so they can stop carrying those items! So we feel your pain!
Beth Ramsey said…
My favorite mascara ever - Maybelline Great Lash withnVitamin E - black tube, fluffy brush. Made my lashes amazing! It's been over 20 years and I still miss it!
GiGi said…
That made me smile to read this! I am so happy it all worked out for her and she rocked the stage! I really enjoy reading your blog! I enjoy your family and Kelly's..Keep up the good work and keep me and mine in your prayers!
Glinda in Ga.

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