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Why I Don't Order On-line

I finally broke down on Saturday and ordered two pillow shams to go with our duvet cover my parents got us for Christmas. I hardly ever order anything from a catalog or online. I think I got scarred in the fourth grade when my mom ordered me a ventriloquist dummy that I thought would be really big and nice. When we got the package it was about 10 inches tall and the body had to be stuffed with newspaper. What a disappointment! It was just a piece of junk.
I like to see and feel and look at what I am buying. But, the particular duvet set is only sold through the catalog. One drawback on mail ordering is paying the shipping. I am way too tight for that.
I really needed two King size sham covers. All they had was standard and Euro. The standard was $25 and the Euro was $35. I had no clue what Euro meant, but I knew it sounded big and it must be bigger since it was ten dollars more than the standard. I placed my order on-line and payed the $17 for shipping. YUCK!
I LOVED tracking my order on-line. I knew where my package was at all times. FUN! I knew that the package would arrive Tuesday afternoon before dark. I checked out on the front porch about five times thinking I had missed the doorbell from the UPS man. I looked out the front windows practically all afternoon. I was like a nervous cat as I was up and down looking out the front windows more and more as each hour passed.
I had even made our bed up by 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. I had dusted the bedroom and lit a candle awaiting the arrival of what would make our bedroom complete. I had everything in order. I had gotten out the two king size pillows that would be used inside the shams.

About 8 p.m. the awaited package arrived. I ripped into them as fast as I could!!!!! Lo and behold if those Euro shams were not two enormous 28"X 28" squares. I JUST WILTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo disappointed. CHAWED. I was so mad at myself. I had done such an elbrighto thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had just read the "view details" I would have seen the dimensions.

I called PB and the nice lady told me I could return it to our local store. I was soooooooo thankful I was not going to ahve to ship it back!!!!!!! I was there when they opened yesterday morning. They are going to send me a full refund, including the shipping, I think-I HOPE.
When my refund is complete, I am going to order three standard size pillow shams. I am a little more informed this time!

Only me, only me.


Lauren said…
Ohhhh, girl, talk about disappointment!!! But this made me laugh, haha!!
Anonymous said…
I HATE to shop unless it is online! Do a Goggle search for promotional codes/coupons/free shipping for a specific company and you can often get a % off and/or free shipping. Ebates is a great site for getting a % back if the company is listed. BTW, please post pictures once you BR is assembled.
Pottery Barn is THE BEST in customer service! I bet you have a very easy time getting your money back!
Amy said…
I think I have the opposite problem...I order EVERYTHING online. Be glad you don't have that problem :)
Gina said…
Laurie, I love reading your blog!!! Your girls are precious!

If you have a king size bed (as I do) I would keep the Euro pillows and get another (you need 3). I have them on my bed and they have a great look. Very custom! If you want me to send you a picture of my bed, I'd be more than happy to email to you! :-)

Happy Decorating!
Nancy said…
We have those Euro pillows on ours & they are useless!
Glad you can return them. I was charged twice for my son's Ipod with my debit card ~ that was two weeks of misery trying to get that $ back, but I finally did. Now when anyone asks credit or debit, I ALWAYS say credit :)
caryn said…
Love your blog. Double check and see if you can have them shipped to your local store free of charge, I know some stores offer that.
Melissa said…
as soon as i started reading i knew you would be disappointed.

i always shop online..before ordering google for coupons and free shipping works!
Kristy said…
You need to sign up for ebates! If you shop online, they give you a percentage of your purchase price back as a rebate. I love it - and I shop online all the time! Also, do a search for coupon codes. is a good site! BTW, I found your blog through Kelly and your girls are just too adorable!
Kristy said…
Here is the ebates link:

I checked, and Pottery Barn doesn't participate, but there are literally hundreds of stores who do!
Kim said…
You know what sticks out to me in the post???? The fact that you WANTED a ventriloquist dummy!!! That is just creepy!!! It is also hilarious! I think I do recall you tell me this before. But, I loved that you mentioned it in this post like it was a completely normal childhood request! You cracke me up!!
Sisters said…
I hate ordering online too! I don't know why, because I love receiving mail. I think I 'm just old school.
The Allens said…
What was really funny to me about this was the waiting in anticipation on Tuesday and having your room all ready. This was great and I'm glad it is working out in the end.
Dina said…
I agree with Gina's comment. Keep the Euro shams and just order one more. King beds are supposed to have 3. It will look great. Promise. Then you can have the fun anticipation again waiting for the UPS man!
Amber said…
Dear Laurie,
I have never commented before,but now is the time:) I just have to tell you that your blog is my all time favorite. I get so excited to see a new post. I swear that you and I could be related. It seems that the same type of things happen to me. The way you explain things just cracks me up!! I wish I knew you in real life. You are for sure a wonderful Mommy, Wife, and friend. I can just tell:)
I hope you don't think I am a crazy stalker, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are great.
Amber (Las Vegas)
Hillary said…
You crack me up! You had to stuff the 10 inch doll with newspaper!!!
I miss you! I want to come visit soon!
Stacey said…
I too tight for shipping charges as well. Every once in a while I will order online but I am like you I want to touch it and make sure it is what I want. I am glad PB is being good to you about the return.
Ashley said…
You crack me up! I used to hate to shop online as well...until I decided I hated going into the stores even more. Sorry about your pillow mishap. That is disappointing no doubt!
Green Girl said…
Tomorrow is a Little House on the Prairie marathon on Hallmark channel (at least here in PA!)!

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