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Sweet Rewards

When I was a little girl, our close family friends, the Jordan's introduced us to" Lemon Cooler" cookies. Does anyone remember them? It was in the mid seventies that I used to eat them. I LOVED them. I have wondered about them from time to time. Yesterday I happened to find something VERY similar at Walmart.
They are wonderful! They are very crispy with little bits of very tart little lemony chips.
I also remember eating cookies in the 70's that were shaped like flowers and were butter cookies. They had a hole in the center. I would put my pointer finger through that hole and eat them off my finger. Ha!
I am going to have to stay away from these cookies when I shop. They could make me as round as the cookie.
For the past few months Emily has been earning jewels in a glass when she makes good choices. A jewel comes out of the cup when she makes bad choices. She gets three jewels for sleeping through the night/staying in her room at night.
She reached the top of the glass with jewels on Friday. Her reward was a cat from Build-A-Bear. I am tight as the bark on the tree and that place is expensive. I splurged and let her get the cat an outfit. She named it Princess. She wanted her picture made with Princess. She was holding up one finger to show that it was Princess' first birthday. She gathered her other Build -A- Bear animals and they celebrated Saturday night.


Melissa said…
LOL...tight as the bark on a are a southern girl!

i love those lemon cookies year the girl scouts sold something similar too.

and what a great idea, jewels in a cup.

you are a good mamma!
Tiffanie said…
I used to babysit in a house that always had these cookies! The girls and I would each have one before storytime (I liked being the favorite babysitter so I did what I could. LOL) I have been looking everywhere for something like that. But now that you posted about it they might stop selling them right? HA! I better go get a box before that happens. What a great idea about the reward system you have going on!
Wunderwoman said…
I loved that...tight as the bark on a husband dreams of me someday being that way!
The Bat Cave said…
I remember the flower cookies were always served at VBS. We'd dunk them in the red kool-aid and had a blast!

Kim said…
YAY for E filling up her jewel jar!
I remember those round flower looking cookies. I did the same thing with my finger! Miss you!
Green Girl said… now I have to get them because I have not thought of those in YEARS and YEARS!
The lemon cookies had powdered sugar on them too!
Thanks Laurie!
Green Girl said…

Pretty darn close!
I loved those lemon cooler cookies! My mama and I used to tear them up! I can taste them now..
Mallory said…
I am laughing out loud at the "tight as the bark on a tree!" mainly because I AM TOO!!!! HAHA! We don't have kids yet, but when we do, don't know what will happen to my pockets! :) Those cookies look divine!
Laura Darling said…
Ohhh I LOVE those lemon cooler cookies!
Laurie in SC said…
Laurie, your posts never fail to make me smile. I just love the stories, memories and kid funnies you share! I love the lemon cookies too - I wonder how they actually make them taste literally "cool" as in temp? Also wonder how Rita's Ices make their "Juicy Pear" flavor seem literally juicier than the others when they are all shaved ice?! The great mysteries of the world. I remember the butter cookies, too, and I also wore them as rings when I ate them. I love your idea of gems in a jar - great motivation for little girly girls. Tell Emily her kitty cat is just precious :) We have two real kitties - Westen, the 19 lb 4 yr old cat and our kitten we got in May, Nilla. She is a mess! Come on over to my blog and meet them sometime if you like, just put "cat" in the search bar.
Love from another Laurie
Jill said…
I loved those flower-shaped butter cookies too!! They still make them...I've seen them at Walmart and Kroger.

The jewels in a cup are a great idea!
Twice as Nice said…
The cookies you might be talking about are Salerno butter cookies. We have one store in our town that sells them. If you ever want a box just let me know and I'll send them to you.
Kim said…
I love the jewels in a jar idea!!! I so need to try that!!!
Claire said…
Oh, well done E for filling her jar - such a great thing to do, Laurie!

pamk said…
Oh, I loved those flower cookies that you could stick your finger through! Sounds like they are still widely available--I haven't seen them in years!

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