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Pacifier Report

As I am typing this, I am hearing,"Mama come here!" SK has said this over and over for the past hour. And...I just heard,"LAURIE!" She is in her crib and needs to be taking a nap.
Giving up the pacifier has been pretty awful. She did not sleep much AT ALL Sunday night. WE had a miserable night.
There was NO nap yesterday and I don't think there will be a nap today.
When Emily gave up her paci, she never took another nap again. I think the same is going to be true with Sarah Kate.
She has looked all over the house and car for a pacifier. I think this could be harder on me than it is on her. She has looked under every couch cushion and bed in our house.
I KNOW it has got to get better with time.

Some of you have asked some questions and I thought I would just answer them right here and now.

Where did you get your white watch and what kind is it?
I got it in my hometown at Merle Norman. It is Geneva brand.

What kind of camera do you have? Most of the pictures on my blog are taken with my Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

What is shrimp boiled in crab boil?
We buy Zattarans Crab and Shrimp boil. It is sooooooooo flavorful.
We use about 1 Tbs to one lb of raw shrimp along with about 3 Tbs of salt. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

I can't get over Kelly having a bird in her house. My heart sank as she told me the story. I will not be going through her front door anytime soon. Maybe never. She always has a wreath up.


Angie said…
i promise it gets better with the paci...i thought it wouldn't but it did. BOTH of mine were sooo attached and it took several nights of wanting to go hand them one, but they did great. good luck!
Tiffanie said…
When I heard about the bird story on Kelly's blog I was thinking about you! I was like I bet Laurie would just move and leave whatever was in the house behind. I was laughing so hard. We have swallows here in Oregon that divebomb your head and they scare the heck out of me. They even peck on your shoulders.
Well I guess now you are never coming to Oregon... oops
I'm also praying for the paci situation.
Tiffanie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said…
We only really had maybe 2 days of paci fighting. I took both of my girl's away 2 months before they turned 2. We did it before bed time at night and just put them down without one and let them cry it out. For an hour or so. Going in every few minutes, calming them. It was pretty awful to hear them calling for it. They were grumpy and searching during the day for the next few days, but eventually napped.

I'm sorry this has been so tough on you both. Hang in there. I did at one point tell my oldest that we had to give hers to another baby who didn't have any. She seemed ok with this and I didn't let her know they were going in the trash. lol

Good luck. :-(
Oh, this is dreadful. Poor little thing. :(
michelle ellis said…
We use that crab boil too - it is SO good!!
Melissa said… there sure have been a lot of bird stories in your life lately...maybe this is God's way of helping you face your fears!

or then again...maybe he is telling you that back-door friends are the best friends...LOL

good luck with the will be okay.
lnipaver said…
my son is around SK's age (3 in july) and just got rid of his paci within the last month. He takes naps but gets up a million times at night since he hasn't had his paci. I NEVER thought in a million years he would get potty trained or we would get rid of his paci (both which we would need to do by th etime he turned 3 in July to go to preschool) but it happens (his fell in the toilet at daycare)! Good luck:)
Heather said…
Laurie, I promise, it WILL get better. My son Griffin was absolutely addicted to his binky. His habit was broken when he slipped and fell with his binky in his mouth, driving his two upper front teeth back up into the roof of his mouth! It was awful! So he had the trauma of a painful injury along with not having his comfort item (could not suck on a binky due to his injury). He wouldn't nap for about a week, but then went back to napping again. There is hope! Hang in there! :)
Unknown said…
I found your blog through Kelly's and I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog!! Your writing just cracks me up, I am always checking to see if you have a new post up and it just makes my day! :)

As far as the paci goes, you have my sympathies. I had to take it away from my daughter at the same age and it was a nightmare! And do you know that when fall rolled around and we pulled out the winter clothes she found one in her coat pocket?? Honey, she popped that thing in her mouth so fast it would have made your head spin! She was like an addict getting her fix!! Then we had to endure several more long days... my point is, make sure that they are ALL gone before you pull out your winter clothes!!
Good luck and it does get better!! :)
Unknown said…
good luck with the paci situation, my child didn't give his up until he was almost four.truthfully,i didn't see anything wrong with that,i never thought it was that big of a deal for him to have his paci at nap time and bedtime :)
Rebekah said…
Cilla still has scares from taking her paci away. But, it does get easier. Hang in there. I have been thinking about you because I remember how awful it was!
The Allens said…
Never took a nap again? I think I would just let her keep the pacifier.
Tara G. said…
Maybe Kelly can just let you pull right on into the garage...
Robyn said…
Yikes about the paci..I think all kids take things differently. But yes it must get better with time. I no longer have a wreath on my door for that reason. We did not get a bird in the house but one had made a nest in it and it fell out splat on our porch with half cooked baby birds! It was just awful. I do not know the trick to keeping birds out of the wreath because my door looks pretty pitiful without one. Love your stories...I am also scared of birds because one flew at my head one time..I was not always worried about them until that. But then I could not walk to class in college without thinking a bird was going to swoop out of a tree and once I almost hurt myself running because a bird flew and I tried to dodge it by running off the trail. I will say my fear has kind of faded. Good luck ;)
Amber said…
No one was as attached as my Mary Dalton ~ I took the paci and gave it back after THREE months! It was AWFUL!!! When she was 3 1/2 we took all the pacis to build a bear, let her pick out a bear and we put the pacis in the bear, so she still had them. She never ever asked for it again, but she is 6 now and still sleeps with the bear! just an idea! :)
Nancy said…
I hope it's getting better since you posted this!
We went through this with the bottle...then again with pooping in a pullup rather than the toilet. We finally got through it. I'm praying you will, quickly, :)

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