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A Hard Week

I have been seeing a show advertised on T.V. called "Worst Week." Although I did not see the show when it premiered this week, I have found my self saying it's name......."this has been the worst week." I feel like I have not heard too much of anything good. Every phone call has been a bad report about someone or something. Let me just name a few of the things I have faced this week. A friend/neighbor had a miscarriage, some good friends in our Sunday School class are moving out of state, a cousin is in the hospital with numerous blood clots in his lungs and stomach, a close friend at church lost her Dad to ALS,a highschool friend lost his son in a car accident, and the best lifelong friend's Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After I talked to my friend Thursday night after the diagnosis, I was just in a daze. I was so stunned that I did crazy things like put the milk in the pantry and that sort of thing. In this life, Bad things happen to some good people. I don't understand it and I won't on this side of heaven.
I have to keep in mind who God is. He is good and kind. He is our strength and our hope. He is in control. Nothing ever catches Him off guard. He is the answer and He is the healer.
This morning we walked in the ALS walk. It was a great experience. My friend's Dad had so wanted to live to be at the walk. God had a different plan for him. This man lived a life that glorified Christ. His daughter, my friend, sings in the church choir and she always sings with such joy. I love to watch her sing. I know this has been a hard year for her but I know her strength is in the Lord.
Life is hard! But God is good! Read the scripture on Steve's back. I needed to hear that verse this week. God's timing is perfect. These were our shirts today for the walk.

I had to share this picture! Emily has never been so terrified. She was shaking and saying, "HELP ME DADDY, PLEASE!" I was a little scared of this thing myself. He was at the ALS walk.
Here is Sarah Kate at 14 weeks.
Emily LOVES gum. Today she told me to take a picture of her and her gum. She tried to stick it out for the picture. What in the world?


I'm so sorry you've had such a bad week. At least you know that this week has to be better. I can't believe you didn't write about the smell in that picture with the mascot. :)
Leigh Ann said…
I am SO sorry for your tough week. I appreciate you sharing all of this with us. I needed to read that verse and all of your encouraging words. I love that you guys did the walk in honor of your friend's dad.

That mascot scares me, too! Oh my!

Ella Grace has that same dress Sarah Kate is wearing. I think our girls have the same wardrobe...Gymboree!

Evan loves gum too and calls it "candy gum."

I love cafeteria food, too. When I was pregnant I couldn't get enough of cafeteria dressing. It grossed Derek out. I think I could still love it. ha!!! I even liked some things at Walt's like his turkey cutlets. hee hee hee
Michele said…
That is a lot to take in for one week. I'm sorry!

And that thing (what IS it, anyways?) would have scared me too!
Melissa said…

I attend Andy Stanley's church in Alpharetta, GA. His sermon last week was called Pivitol Circumstances. One of the best sermons I have ever heard!! It talks about exactly what has happened in your life in the past week. You can go to and listen to on messages and then 5 Things God Uses to Grow Our Faith. It is the last sermon in the series. It helped me soooo much and I gave it to a friend of mine who lost his 19 year old daughter to cancer almost a year ago. I am always very careful before I tell someone to listen to a sermon, but I really think this would minister to you.

Guy and Julie said…
It has been a DIFFICULT week, I completely agree! It leaves you emotionally and spiritually drained.

Poor Emily, she looked terrified of Sasquatch.
Kelly said…
I am proud to have started Emily's gum habit! ha! I'm sorry I started her on a bad habit. But it makes me laugh that she wanted her picture made with the gum. I'm also laughing at her being scared of the mascot - wish I could have seen her.
Meredith said…
Yes, you can say that again. Daddy is feeling the same. I wish we could have been at the ALS walk but happy to spend time with family in Camden. We saw your parents this wknd too.
That sounds like a very difficult week! Sorry to hear about all of that going in in the lives of your friends and family. I really like that verse, too!

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