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Catching Up

Sarah Kate yesterday morning.
A couple of weeks ago we went to out local fair. It was a really fun time! We met up the McCoy's. Friends always make things more fun! Emily with Sarah Grace.
Lena with Sarah Kate
Emily trying to hold a baby chick. She loved them, but was terrified of them. I think all her animals fears come from living with a mean and crazy cat.

My friends, Kelly , Eric, Logan and Lauren were staying with me the weekend Daddy had his heart attack. I am so thankful they were there! The Lord works out all the details of our lives!

I am back home and trying to sort through everything I need to catch up on.

PLEASE continue to pray for my parents. Pray that they will get much needed sleep!!!!!!!!!
Daddy needs to be walking around, but he has the added stress of a broken and sprained ankle. In a weird sort of way, we believe his broken ankle saved his life. He did not see a doctor when he broke it on that Tuesday morning. He did know realize it was broken. If he had gone to the dr and they had wanted to do surgery, he probably would not have woken up from anesthesia with the heart condition he had going on. We had NO IDEA he had heart trouble. He has always had low blood pressure and good cholesterol levels. Also, the broken ankle kept him "laying low" for a few days. He was not able to be out fishing or driving a car.
His recovery is a long road. Please pray it will go well and they will not get discouraged. He feels terrible!!!! He is weak and short of breath.
Also, Dr. C.D. Williams did Daddy's surgery. HE is FANTASTIC-BEST of the BEST! He wants Daddy to be on a vegan diet. It is sooooo hard to cook and eat that way.


The Ormons said…
Still praying for your dad. So glad you are back home with your sweet girls. Please keep praying for Meg. We still have lots of decisions to make in the coming weeks.
Anonymous said…
My parent's and I started out on a Vegan diet then went to a vegetarian type diet which we felt wonderful! We've been doing this type of diet for 2 years now.

Kim said…
So glad you are home sweet friend! I'm sure Steve and the girls are over the moon happy to have you home! I will continue to pray for your parents. A vegan diet...that is HARD!!
Lori said…
You might want to check out the new cookbook "Peas & Thank You", it's an awesome vegan cookbook. We love it, it's a much healthier way to cook & eat!
kim_brough said…
Wow. As both a nurse and the daughter of a bipass Daddy myself, a doc recommending a vegan diet seems a bit extreme. Regardless, hope he feels better soon!
Anonymous said…
I worked as a surgical nurse for 31 years. It is common to feel like a train wreck after open heart surgery. It takes the wind out of your sails, but, it will get better! Check out the magazine Vegetarian Times.
My grandpa just had an aortic valve replacement by Dr. CD Williams. It was the third time he has operated on him. I truly believe he wouldnt be here if it werent for Dr. Williams! He recommends the vegan diet to all his patients but my grandpa loves BBQ too much;) Dr. Williams is proof it works because he is 71 and looks great for his age!! I will keep your dad and his recovery in my prayers!
Nancy said…
You are right ~ God works out every single detail. I'm so thankful for you that he is ok. It is a long road (been thru it with my Dad) but with time, he will be better.
Promise that your family is in my prayers!!
Sue said…
I am a cardiac ICU nurse and a vegetarian. I think it's awesome your Dad's surgeon recommended a vegan diet.
Check out the book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Caldwell Esselstyn and the documentary film "Forks over Knives."
Claire said…
Continuing to pray!

Susanne said…
I keep checking back because you and your family has been on my heart. My step-father has a major heart attack a few years ago and I know how much the stress spreads to the whole family. Keep you all in my prayers!
Cate said…
Have you tried cooking or eating vegan? It is not as hard as it may seem, it just takes a little planning and effort. It is not as extreme as some may have you believe. Praying for your daddy!
dj said…
Wow....just reading up on your Daddy. I need to skip ahead to see how he is doing! Amazing "blessing that first appeared to be a curse" story!

We have that same dress in the first pic!

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