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Happy Snow Day!!!!

We are snowed in today and I have loved every minute of it! Steve came home at noon. I am cooking the wonderful "Mississippi Roast." The sad part is that Steve and I cannot keep out of the roast. There will not be much left by the time supper gets here.
Sarah Kate had her tutu and tights on by 8:00 this morning. She said she was ready to go see her friend Neely. I told her that we could not go to Neely's house because we could not drive on the ice and snow. She said, "It's okay mama, I will just walk." She stood by the door half the morning crying about wanting to go to Neely's house.
Emily wore her glasses to church on Sunday and some friends told her they looked weird. She has not had them on since. I caught Sarah Kate in them this morning.
I know that Steve truly loves me! I am the ONLY one in the family that likes Kristen. Last night I was convinced that Kristen had gotten out of the house. I was panic stricken. Steve got out of bed at 10:00 and helped me look all over the house for her.(I didn't ask him to) I shook her food and called her name in EVERY room. My stomach rumbled more with each passing minute. I thought she had gotten out when Steve had gone out a couple of times to get things out of his car earlier in the evening. I looked under every bed and in every closet and cabinet. Steve got dressed and went driving around the neighborhood looking for her.( I didn't ask him to) I was outside in my pink robe rattling the food and calling her name. I probably woke the neighborhood yelling, "Kristen." I knew she would die in the blizzard. I found her under Emily's bed, while Steve was out driving around. She was behind a bunch of junk/toys under Emily's bed and I had not seen her when I looked the first time. I guess she was not hungry because she had eaten wet and dry food along with some treats when we ate dinner. This is the third time in 8 years that I have thought she was GONE!
I got the girls these cookies yesterday for our snow days. I thought they were sooooo cute! The girls LOVED them. They are made by Nestle. I had found a coupon in Sunday's paper for them.
Steve took the girls out to play in the snow. Emily came in and put her warm p.j's on. Of course, SK wanted her tutu on.


Anonymous said…
She is so cute in her tutu! I am glad you all are enjoying being snowed in together. I have really fond memories of my family being snowed in growing up, It is fun to now make those memories with my own family. Baking, cuddling, reading, playing in the snow, and hot chocolate of course!

So glad you found your sweet cat!
Abramyan Avenue said…
That is too bad her friends told her the glasses looked wierd. Kids can be mean sometimes with out really meaning it. They probably just were meaning she looked different than usual in glasses. I'm sure she was still beautiful! I'm so glad you found your kitty. My kitty got out a few years ago and was cat napped and taken to a wildlife refuge about two hours away. I was heartbroken. I knew he would be home if he was able. After investigating we were able to find out where she took him and get him back. He had lost so much weight my daughter asked me why his head had gotten so big. I told her his head didn't get big, his body just lost a lot of weight.
We are making stew too. We need something good, warm and hearty for this coming cold week-weekend.
Stay warm and take care!!
Anonymous said…
That tutu is so cute. I really hate that about the glasses. Words can be so hurtful & make you so self concious. Glad your kitty was okay. I personally don't get attached to animals but my daughter sure does. Stay warm!
Jenna said…
Nothing makes me happier than to see a new post from you. Seriously!

So glad Kristen was not gone! And that last picture of your two cuties is adorable! Cutest fam ever!
Ruth Ann said…
That's so sad that the kids teased her about the glasses! Thank goodness she really doesn't have to wear them or that could have been a headache for you trying to get her to put them on again!

Oh and I had to laugh at your cat story because I used to have cats and I refer to losing them as them being in "cat space!" lol Cause you can look everywhere for them and they are virtually invisible in "cat space!" lol

And I love those cookies...we haven't tried them yet they are on my list...I got a coupon too! Have a great night!
Jill said…
We had roast tonight too! Ours was just plain Arkansas roast though. :)

I can't believe her friends told her that the glasses looked weird. :( I thought she looked cute.
Tara G. said…
So fun, Laurie! My 2.5 yr old loves ballet now, too, and a tutu is standard attire! :) Today is our annual "Cold Day;" we make up holidays all of the time. It's actually the first time in 5 years we've had snow, but not enough to play in (you've had more snow than we have had this winter!).
Nancy said…
I just adore your blog!
So glad you are staying warm & I love that the cat has a people name. :)
Lauren said…
Have to agree with Jenna. I get thrilled when I see a new post from you, Laurie!!! And seriously, your girls are beyond precious!!!! :)
Erin said…
What cute little girls and I think Emily looks adorable in her glasses. Tell her to keep her chin up and if she likes them that is all that matters.
Megan said…
Laurie I have a cat who looks just like Kristen and I too am the only one who loves her- my boyfriend thinks she's a mean old lady (she's 13) but I am just obsessed with her. Her sassiness is so endearing. She does go out outside when the weather is warm and I get so panicky if she doesn't come home! Luckily she responds very well to treats and me calling out her name (Wichi) which I pronounce like way-shee!
Becky said…
I have a rescue cat that is really getting up in years. A few years ago, she got out and was gone for a month. The last day I ran the ad in the paper, someone called. I get paranoid too when she doesn't come when called.
Such a funny post. I cant wait to try the roast. I need to add it to next week's meals. We have a cat, Bailey. Todd thinks that he is just hairy, sheds everywhere, and is a pain. I love him. We thought he escaped not too long ago and he actually did. He climbed up a tree that was sitting right on the bluff in the backyard. Sweet Todd got a huge ladder to get him down. Soooo I love your cat stories!
Rachel said…
I was laughing so hard reading your blog because I can relate! My boys don't wear tutus, but they love wearing their Star Wars and Mario Brothers costumes. I am loving the snow days...we're at day 3 today!
Odie Boggs said…
Hey we are in this together!! We are Tulsa snowed in. I have been thinking of you. I have stayed my fuzzy robe. I was thinking Laurie is staying warm in hers. LOL

Ashley said…
Your cat stories crack me up! I'm actually cooking those cookies tonight! I had the coupon too ;)
Melissa Miller said…
I know what you mean. I start to panic if Chestnut isn't visible. Silly boy likes to hide and at 22 pounds it isn't easy. Kristen is precious!
Amber said…
You know I almost cried when I saw that picture of your cat. :-) I'll have nightmares now of that image of the cat STARING at me in the picture.

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