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Dog-gone Fun!

Last night I went to Kelly's surprise baby shower. I loved seeing the surprise on her face! We had a lot of fun!

Steve went deer hunting with Scott this past weekend in South Arkansas. He killed a deer with his bow. I was very happy for him, but very sad for the deer and it's family!!!
While Steve hunted, I went with my parents to a dog show that my hometown hosts. It was a really nice show. I had never been to one before. They had over 600 dogs participate.

This was my favorite kind of dog.

At the dog show with Meme.
We also went to a cupcake shop that is new in town. Yummy Cupcakes is the name! Gotta LOVE the little cell phone on top.
Sarah Kate had her first dentist appointment last Thursday. She did great and she got a very good check-up.
They were explaining x-rays to her.
Sarah Kate was making an imaginary phone call before going in the dentist's office.

The girls LOVE to watch the Wizard of Oz. My parents bought the movie for them and they love watching it when we go visit them. SK calls it the "Lizard of Oz."


The Garners said…
I'd love to go to a dog show--how fun!!!
Green Girl said…
I took Sterling once to a dog show to see her dad compete when she was a puppy.
I was so wrapped up in a conversation with another woman with a puppy that I didn't realize that she had wiggled under a fence and was in the ring with dogs that were being judged...that is, until over the loud speaker a gentleman says, "Will the Bernese Mountain dog please exit the show ring in Ring #(I don't remember...)." MORTIFICATION!

Glad you had fun! I also feel badly for the poor deer. To my knowledge, I have not had deer meat, but I am sure I have. Does Steve bring the meat home for the family to eat?
SK is so darn cute by the way!!
Kasey said…
Laurie, I too get so sad when my husband kills a deer. I feel so sorry for its family. I know that is crazy, but I can't help it. Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks it is sad.
Anonymous said…
I seen the pics of Kelly's shower. Looks like an awesome time! I'd love to go to a dog show. I think that last one is a Sibearian Husky. A friend of mine used to have one & it had one brown eye & one blue eye. It was super intellegent too. Hope you have a great week.
"The Lizard of Oz" - too funny! :)
Melissa said…
thank goodness you posted...i was worried...LOL

sounds like you have had a good week.

i'm sure the girls love going to see their grandparents.

lizard of oz...great name!
Laura Burciaga said…
Lizard of Oz! How cute! I think I would like that dog show. I love dogs!
ha! Lizards of Oz! Cute!! I have always loved that movie--and every once in a while, one of its lines will pop out of my mouth, such as "i don't think we're in kansas anymore toto", LOL.

Glad you had a good time at the baby shower and the dog show!!
Tara G. said…
When we were stationed in Alaska, we had a couple of opportunities to ride on some sleds pulled by Iditarod dogs- a fun experience!
The Belt's said…
Well apparently you are from my hometown as well and I did not realize that. Yummy Cupcakes is wonderful and the dog show is a big attraction for our area! Sounds like y'all had a great time.
Unknown said…
Just make sure the girls don't watch Bambi!!!!
Amy said…
hahaha....when you said, "this was my favorite kind of dog" were you referring to the one in the picture that was lying down playing dead? ;)

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