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Bird and Brewer

On Valentine's day, Sarah Kate and I went to Belk's with the intention of getting Steve some pants. He had a Christmas gift card from there and I had a really good coupon to use.

As we were approaching Belk's door, a rather large bird came speeding right in front of us. Sarah Kate said, "Oh NO!" The bird looked REALLY stressed out. I was really stressed out at the sight of him. I thought to myself, "that is a road runner." He was trying to get in Belk's. There was a man sitting on the bench right in the entry way and I said, "what kind of bird is that?" He replied,"that's a road runner, can't imagine what it is doing here."
There was a couple right behind us talking about the bird also, The bird said, "beep, beep" as it crossed their path. No, I am just kidding, but it makes for a great story.
I don't think I have EVER entered a store so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't even know you could see a road runner in Northwest Arkansas. Hummmm?????????

I found Steve some pants and when I checked them out the clerk said, "the coupon can't be applied to Nautica brand." Oh well, I got the pants because he needed them.
We walked around the store some more and I spotted something Steve has been talking about for several months now. It was a Keurig single coffee brewer and it was on sale. I asked a clerk if I could use my coupon on the Keurig and he said, "yes!" I had gotten Steve some candy and a card for Valentine's day earlier in the day. But, I knew he would be sooooo surprised if I got him the Keurig for Valentine's day.

We left Belk and I did not even think about the bird encounter as we walked out. I am so thankful because I may still be in Belk today if it had crossed my mind.

He came home at lunch and I just had to give it to him then!!!! He was soooo excited! He said that it was the best gift I have ever given him. WOW!


Hillary said…
Yeah! I'm so glad you got a new coffee maker! We got one for Christmas and they are awesome. Sorry about the bird, they creap me out too!
Anonymous said…
Okay, I'm going to sound stupid, but I seriously didn't even know that a road runner was a real bird. I thought it was just made up for the cartoon. I probably shouldn't be sharing that for you and all of your readers to see!
Mallory said…
I think those are cool! The coffee maker, not the birds!! My sister-in-law LOVES hers!
Ryan V. said…
ooo, I've been wanting one of those kurigs!! Which version did you get? I think there are like 3 or 4 out there and I didn't know if one was really better than the other? I think I may get it at kohls and use a coupon, I always have kohls coupons! And that is so funny about the bird! Glad it didn't attack you or anything! lol
Angie said…
so glad chad doesn't ck your blog lol! he has wanted one of these things for awhile now!
Kim said…
We LOVE our Keurig!
Brittney said…
We have roadrunners in our yard in Fayetteville all the time! We have a big fat female that we see often.
123 said…
Woohoo!! You are going to love your Keurig! We use ours for tea a lot!
And, you have got to get a cell phone that will let you use twitter because the road runner story would've made for some hilarious tweets!
Candice said…
My husband loves it too. He uses every day -several times a day. You can also buy a plastic filter to put other bagged coffee like Dunkin Donut brand. Love hearing your funny stories!
I wanted a Keurig forever, and Wes wouldn't let me spend the money...then my Dad bought me one for my birthday this year. Wes gave me such a hard time at first, but guess who LOVES it now?? You will enjoy it! You're such a great wife!
Vonda Axe said…
Ok, the sales clerk would have had to let me leave the store by the back entrance, no way I would be going back out where that bird was. And I so want the coffee pot you got for Steve. My Mom got one for Christmas. What a great V-D gift!
Ashley E. said…
I really want a Keruig! I have a Tassimo, but there aren't as many coffee choices as the Keruig.
Nancy said…
Way to go! I love those things!
That bird would have disturbed me, too. :)
I live in Goshen and we have road runners in our back yard a lot. I think they are so fun to watch! Glad it didn’t attack you, though!
Tori said…
I grew up in a little community in the panhandle of Texas by a lake. I always grew up knowing that when you saw a roadrunner, a snake was nearby. So to this day, that's the only thing I think of when seeing a roadrunner! EESH. Down there, it was pretty true! So, at least there wasn't a snake with it!
Unknown said…
I saw a road runner at the Neighborhood Market by the promanade a while back. I didn't know road runners were around here either!
SoonerMom said…
Oh Laurie...I LOVE our Keurig! We got a big one for Christmas from Greg's parents...and I seriously drink coffee "all day". Bad...but so good! Thank God for warmer weather...maybe I can cut back to 1 or 2 in the morning?

Also....I am catching up with your blog, and I read the road runner first, and then further the candle that says "Birds of Paradise". Is this an oxymoron or WHAT?? HA! See...God was trying to prepare you for this creature DAYS before!! :) LOL

LOVE your blog, sweet friend! I RARELY comment, but just had to today!! See you soon, Angie S.
Melanie Mueller said…
Oh we love our Keurig too. We got it for Christmas and it is perfect! It gets tons of use around here!
Crazy about the bird! I would freaked out a little too! Glad it disappeared before your exit. =)
Sara said…
I have heard so many good things about the Keurig. It makes me want one just so I can try it out:)

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