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Adventures in the Snow

Day 447 of captivity..............oh , no, excuse me, it is only day 4 but it seems like 400. I have had a very content attitude about being snowed in until last night and I nearly snapped. It has been snowing again today. But, I have been able to get a lot of things done, like laundry.
On Tuesday night, we smelled a strong natural gas smell coming from our bedroom/bathroom. We went to bed, like idiots. We had our carbon monoxide detector in there and it showed nothing. At 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, I called the gas company. The nice lady asked me several question and needed my verbal agreement that we would leave the house promptly and wait on the man to come check on the problem. I told her that we would leave, BUT I had a two year old, a five year old and my husband had taken my car to work. She told me we HAD to get out of the house. I was thinking "well, we slept in it all night." She had me terrified. She gave me a list of instruction before we got off the phone. They all had to do with causing a spark that would blow the house up. I calmly called Steve and then put my coat on over my robe. I put on boots too. I then put Sarah Kate's warm sleeper OVER her tutu and ballet slippers. Put boots on her. Emily was wearing her pink robe, a coat and boots. I put hats on the girls and we went out on the front porch in a 12 inch snow drift and waited on Steve to come rescue us. I was afraid that when he saw us he might keep on driving. We were a sight. I had no make-up on at all.
We made our way out to the road where Steve had parked. The men came in thirty minutes.
They told Steve that we were safe and to come back inside. It was NOT a gas leak. They said it was a chemical, but NOT gas. They told us to get a plumber.
Now, we have had a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE smell that comes from our bathroom every so often. The first time, we thought it was a dead animal. We noticed it mostly when it rained. This has been going on for a year now. I had talked to a plumber about it twice and they did not have an answer. When they were scheduled to come, the smell would go away and I would cancel the appt.
On Wednesday morning, after the gas company men left, I talked to a VERY smart plumber. He asked me if we use our master tub very often. I told him that I had not used it much at all in over a year. I used to bathe the girls in there, but we have now moved to the hall bathroom to bathe them. He went on to say that when a drain is not used very often it loses water in the trap and chemicals build up. He told me to fill the tub and maybe add a little bleach to the water. He had the answer! The smell went away along with the water going down the drain. He said some other smart stuff about pressure built before a storm and we would smell it when it stormed.
As we were sitting with Steve in the warm car, Steve remarked that we were just sitting outside our house in the snow waiting for it to blow up. Thank the Lord it did not!

Emily got to get out on Wednesday afternoon when she spent the night with her best friend, Sarah Grace. They even took her to the movie. She had a fabulous time! My friend Amber emailed me Thursday morning and asked me if I was about to go crazy with her. She brought her boys over and let the kids play. We had a great visit. I also got to visit with Tracy when she brought Emily and Sarah Grace back.
Today a kind friend that lives literally beside our neighborhood invited us over to play and eat. I could not go without my car. Sweet Amber told me she would come pick us up and take us over there. Thank goodness she did! I was so excited to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sat up straight in that front seat and smiled all of the one minute drive to Erin's house. It did me good.

We are expected to get even more snow! I am so thankful for the friends I have been able to see this week. I am so thankful that Emily got a big outing and that Sarah Kate and I were able to get out today. We need friends in out lives. They have been my "pick me up" this week.


The Garners said…
One time we somehow smelled gas right beside the garage as we were leaving on a date night. I felt like we should stay home, but Lane suggested calling the gas co. on our way to dinner. (There was a babysitter at home with the kids). The gas company said they were required to call it an emergency and would send someone out immediately. In the dark. Some strange man. A babysitter and three kids in the house alone with him. I wanted to go home so bad but Lane seemed to think I was over-reacting. I guess I watch too much CSI or something. I was miserable all through dinner. I spent our whole "date" texting the babysitter to see if the gas company man had kidnapped everyone or if the house was on fire yet. He did a quick investigation, everything was fine, he left, everyone was okay.

My whole outlook on snow days has changed lately, I'm afraid! I used to love them. Now I kind of have a nervous break-down the minute that I hear everything is canceled! :)
Charity said…
Oh Laurie I just love you!! your posts always make me smile!!

i have some sort of a weird smell underneath my bathroom sink. i'm not sure what it is and i'm kind of scared to look and see. i just moved into this apt in nov, but my last apt was in the same building and i never had any funny bathroom smells. i am terrified its going to be a dead mouse.. i would pass out in a dead faint if that happened.
Holly said…
Wow, I am glad the smell in your house was not anything dangerous, and that the plumber helped you fix it! :)
Ruth Ann said…
Hi Laurie! A couple of things that I had to laugh about....
I'm from South Western Pennsylvania and we have some nasty winters. There are many many times that I am snowed in for a week or so! I unfortunately do not have 4 wheel drive, my husband does, but needs it to travel an hour to get to work. So many times I am trapped inside with only my two boys who are 4 and 5.

And I have to mention your robe...a couple posts back when you said you were outside in your robe when the kids were playing...well guess what....I tried it, and my robe seems way better than a jacket! lol So now I go outside in my robe quite often! ;)

Hope you stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!
-Ruth Ann
Melanie Mueller said…
Wow- so glad it your house didn't blow up. Steve sounds like my husband in those situations. =)So witty!
I can only imagine how couped up you begin to feel. We were so hoping for just one snow day. We got it today, not much snow, but a lot for us. By noon it was gone. The grass is always greener huh? ;)
Well, hang in there. Glad you have good friends to keep you sane! Your girls are too cute!
Jill said…
I don't know how people in other states (who get lots of snow) do it. They probably drink a lot. That's the only way I can think they could survive it.

I'm so glad your house didn't blow up.

Come on spring!!
Rebekah said…
It DOES feel like we have been trapped in for 400 days!!!!! I might just go up to PA and hunt down that silly groundhog that said more winter is on its way!!!!!
We are about done being snowed in too! I am right there with you. I am ready to get the baby over to grandmas house for a little break after this week! haha.
Lauren said…
Bless your heart. I can just picture y'all sitting outside in all your get-ups in the freezing cold and it had to make me laugh, haha!!!! (which I'm sure it didn't you, lol)..but so glad the house issues were nothing serious!!

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