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The Past Weekend

Three little girls I love!
Emily wanted to hold Harper so bad for a picture.
Saturday afternoon, Emily was yelling for me to come look. I saw Emily hovered over Sarah Kate saying,"Sarah Kate, I have got to get this!!!!"" My first thought was, "Oh No, SK is choking and Emily is trying to get it out of her throat!!!!!!!!!"
Emily was brushing Sarah Kate's teeth. She had opened up a diaper and put that on her as a bib. Emily actually did a good job of brushing her sister's teeth. SK seemed to like it! Hey, this is not a bad deal, perhaps a dental hygienist in the making.

Sarah Kate says,"Happy Fall!" This is her first day to wear a Fall outfit.

This past weekend I did FOUR things VERY out of my character:

1. I took the girls to school with NO make-up, no shower. I ALWAYS get completely dressed and ready before leaving the house!

2. I mowed our entire yard on Saturday morning. I have NEVER mowed before. I loved it! I told Steve that I am the new lawn mower of our family!

3. I watched the Razorback game on T.V. I am not a sports fan at all. Steve went to the game and I sat down and watched it on T.V.

4. I sent a text to Kelly. That's right, I have never texted before. I decided to learn how a few weeks ago.


Tara G. said…
I love the last photo of Emily holding up SK's lip! Priceless! I had never texted either until I moved here and I've had to learn. I still don't know how people do it so fast. This is the second tour in a row we've had no lawn to move- glorious, except we have no lawn. Have I mentioned I hope they send us to Arkansas to end our AF time? I'm really kind of ready to park it for a while.
emily said…
congrats on all of the 'firsts.'

i never used to like going anywhere without make-up, but i'm taking baby steps, usually foundation and mascara is always a must. :)

and i'm not a big texter either. i'd rather talk to people on the phone.
KatieB. said…
I love your posts. We have a riding lawn mower for our huge yard and I love to mow the grass with it. It's very relaxing and a great way to "tan". Ha!
Jill said…
That pic of Emily brushing SK's teeth is hilarious!

My list would have: I left the house WITH makeup on for the first time. HAHA! I'm so lazy in that department.
The texting is the best. I have to say that I just love your blog. You seem so "real" and so funny. I think I would just die laughing hanging out!
Kelly said…
I love the pics of our girls!!!
Emily would make a great dentist!
And I'm still in shock over that text!
The Ormons said…
Look at SK with her leg crossed.. she is so grown.. I love her... I wish you would text it would be so easy to talk to you. Pray for us Reid goes to daycare for two hours tomorrow.
Amy said…
tell emily to go for it! i was a teacher, and every year when the dental hygienist came for dental health month, she would make sure to mention that hygienists made CONSIDERABLY MORE than teachers - ha! :)
I had to laugh!- I DON'T TEXT EITHER!!! I know how to read them though if I have to. Personally I don't have a mobile (cell) phone,but I do borrow one of my hubby's if I go out in the car,or if he is travelling.
On mowing... I know many women who would love to trade the mowing and housework with their husbands if they could-why?- you can admire the lawn job for at least a week, but the house can get messed up real quick! Love the pics.
Jennifer said…
I love Emily the dentist pics! She is a smart girl to put the diaper bib on SK.

I am laughing at your list of 4 things and am shocked by all of them especially you going to MDO not dressed and you sending a text!
Anonymous said…
Yay for new experiences! I'm super impressed about mowing the lawn. I don't know how :)
Jess :) said…
You totally crack me up with your "Firsts!" :) I LOVE them all and am SO proud of you...especially with the texting! Have done anymore since?! Look out ~ it can become a big addicting. ;)

And those girls are just sooooo stinkin' adorable!!! I love how E was helping SK out. Sisterly love/mothering...:) :) :) I soooo remember doing that as the big sister!
Holly said…
I have followed your blog for quite some time through Kelly's Korner. I think you are one of the funniest people ever and so enjoy your postings!!! Your family is precious!!!!

Take Care!!

Holly N. Madugula
Arlington, TX
Anonymous said…
OMGOODNESS!! I am laughing so hard at you saying you sent Kelly your first text ever!! WOW. I guess it's one of those things-you either love it or you don't. I am so glad you exprienced a morning without makeup!! That is pretty much my whole day :)!! I probably would wear a little more make-up if I was better at putting it on. I mowed our 4 acre yard when I lived back home and that was one time too many!! Way too much grass for my liking!! I enjoyed the game from home also. I cheer for Bama, however before half time, I was wanting to yell WOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE!! Love the pink bow in SKs hair, and her first Fall outfit!!
Christa said…
Your girls are too cute! Love the pictures of Emily brushing SK teeth! I loved how they used a diaper to cover SK up!! Priceless!!
That is awesome! How fun to recreate and try new things. Doing that seems to bring new life as a person and I think it is good for our kids to see we are willing to try new things. I am spurred on now to try some new things myself. Thanks for sharing. Your daughters are adorable. Blessings to you all!
Faith said…
Girl, you make me laugh! I love your list of firsts - you are really branching out! And, I must say you are my hero for mowing. That is something I have never done, and never intend to either. Haha!
You're ahead of me, cause I still don't text, ha-ha...
Lucky for me, my hubby takes the kids to school, and he's certainly not worried about makeup!! : )
(I'm at work by 6:30 am, and trust me, they want me here with makeup on!!)
Lauren said…
Ha! This whole post made me smile!! Love you :)
Angie said…
the text thing is cracking me up! i said i never would, but i am..haha.
Sara Campbell said…
You're killin' me!!! You DID all that?????
Meri Beth Keith said…
I've read your blog for a while through Kelly's blog. I love your posts! They always make me laugh! and your girls are precious!

Meri Beth
Talladega, AL
Anonymous said…
love the diaper as a bib, em is so funny!
Kelly said…
Ha! I can relate to my oldest brushing my youngest's teeth! Such a sweet, tender moment ;)

Congrats on all of your new feats! I'm especially impressed with mowing the lawn. I'm not sure this is something I'd ever want to do! I'm also not one to text. I often feel like I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't use this form of communication.

Sweet shot of your girls and Harper :) They are all so precious and I'm certain the girls have lifelong friends in each other - what a blessing!

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