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Health of the Month

Steve spent over an hour paying bills on Sunday afternoon. He said, "most all these bills are medical. We have more medical bills then anyone I know." This come out of my mouth, "well, since the weather is warmer, my goal is that we won't have any more Dr visits till October. It can happen."
Who find themselves driving to the Dr yesterday?????????????? Me! I had to take Emily because she had 103.2 temperature. She had also been doubled over in stomach pain. These stomach episodes would last about ten minutes and then she seemed fine. The Dr gave her a good exam and asked if she had said anything about her throat. She has not mentioned her throat! He wanted me to come look at it. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He diagnosed her with Coxsackie Viral infection and Hepangina blisters. I asked him to write it down for me. Never heard of such. I looked on the internet last night and I think she has Hand Foot and Mouth disease. He just said it in a very fancy way.
She seems great today. She is fever free and her normal self.

Emily LOVES dresses. It is all she ever wants to wear. She wanted her and Sarah Kate to get these dresses on this morning. We might as well get our money's worth out of them. She has taken after Aunt Kelly with these dresses. Kelly always wears dresses and so did my Mema. I never saw Mema in pants. Never.

They are all dressed up and nowhere to go. I thought I would take some pictures.

I got the pathology report on that mole on my stomach yesterday. It was a Dysplastic mole. The nurse said that it put me at a VERY HIGH risk for melanoma. I plan to see the Dermatologist every year!


Yes, I would see the Dermie at least once a year with that kind of risk!! And I would tell you to absolutely stay out of the sun, but I would be the pot calling the kettle black, ha-ha.....I'm a sucker for some good sun!
Glad your little one is feeling better...we are on the mend as well...sheesh..I seriously think I should have went into the medical profession!
Tara G. said…
Wow- bless you heart! Thankfully, we have had a fairly healthy household- even with all the germs on public transportation!

The dresses are darling!
Lauren said…
Poor Emily!!! Hope she gets on the mend soon!!! Ya’ll have been put thru the ringer!!
Michelle said…
I hope your little one feels better soon. I love the dresses that she picked out for her and her sister, so beautiful!!!!
Angie said…
I'm sorry..sounds like your are having a tough couple of days. I'm glad she is better today and I'll say a prayer for you. I've started wearing sunscreen moisturizers and being a lot more cautious myself.
The Ormons said…
I don't think the girls have ever looked more beautiful then they do in these pictures today. oh how I love them and miss them. Hey I wanted to tell you I want us to plan to go to TN at the same time this summer. Let me know when yall plan to go next.
So sorry to hear about Emily. HFM rears its ugly head right about now when the weather gets warm. Hope she is on the mend!!
Beth Whitehill said…
Hey there! I just love to follow you and your sweet girls! I come over from Kelly's blog. I don't know that I have ever commented before. I feel like I'm in the same boat with Dr appts for my daughter. We have had trouble with ears and are patiently waiting on an ENT appt May 20th.

I also wanted to compliment you...I noticed in the pictures from the Beth Moore weekend, but I feel like you look so skinny and just great! Don't know if you've been working on it or not (an NOT to say that you didn't look good before)You are a pretty momma, with two sweet girls! Enjoy them!

Robin said…
Those pictures are precious! Sorry Emily doesn't feel good. Speaking of dresses, I finally finished the polka dot ones for the girls! I brought them this morning but I'll get them to you soon!
Amy said…
Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Both my girls have had hand,foot and mouth. Hope the week gets better.
Jill said…
We always have medical bills too. I hope to have Amelia paid off by the time she's a year old. HA!

I hope Emily feels better soon. I just read someone elses blog and their child had HF&M.

Girl, you better be using the sunscreen. And if you need a tan, just do like the rest of us and go get sprayed. :)
Everday Edwards said…
Your girls look so adorable. The are just the prettiest little things! I hope you all get well soon and stay well. It is too nice outside to have to be sick.

Betsy said…
Bless your heart. Y'all have had a hard time lately! Hopefully things will get better for everyone soon!!
Mary said…
Bless her heart! My son had that about a year ago and it was awful-it was the worst I've ever seen him "sick," so miss Emily is one tough cookie! He wouldn't eat or drink for like two whole days and it was so scary. Their little dresses are precious!
Run26.2Mom said…
Those childhood viruses are so awful. I am glad she is feeling better.
It kinda stinks getting older and having to do more preventative health care. Glad the mole was a warning to you so you can be proactive.
Have a fun weekend!
Ashley said…
Aw I hope she feels better! Your girls are just precious!

Happy Mother's Day sweet girl!
sixsweetsmiths said…
My two little ones had herpangina a couple weeks was awful! My youngest almost had to be admitted for IV fluids..hate when my babies are so so sick!

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