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The Cat Went Back

I am slightly sad to say, but I took Pink-A-Boo back to the cat castle. Emily seems to be okay with it. I just felt overwhelming stress when we got home with the cat on Thursday afternoon. I understand that we did not give it a lot of time, but we just never really bonded with the cat. She seemed VERY sweet and calm, but did not want me or anyone to hold her.
I am always so stressed out that Kristen is going to get outside and I was even MORE stressed that this cat would get out. Kristen has been under our bed since Thursday night grunting. I don't even think she has eaten.

I learned a lesson on getting another cat. I have a hard enough time taking care of two little children and a special needs cat.

Melody, the lady that has the cat castle operates a great program. I knew Pink-A-Boo was going back to a great set-up where she seemed very happy. Melody has a BEAUTIFUL facility that is a cat's dream. The best part is that she never puts any of the cats "down."

We sat down on the couch with Emily this morning and had a long talk about taking the cat back. I think she understands, as much as a four year old can understand something like that. She knew that Melody had let us take the cat on a trial basis.

We will get another cat when Kristen passes. I hope it is not anytime soon!


Kelly said…
I'm dying laughing that you said you have a "special needs" cat.

I'm sorry about pink-a-boo.
Amanda Ledford said…
So sorry it didn't work out with Pink-A-Boo, but I'm glad Emily seems to understand.
Jennifer said…
I can't stop laughing! Bless your heart. I am glad Pink-A-Boo/ Diamond was able to go back and live a happy life with the single cat ladies. :)
Amy said…
So sorry to hear about diamond aka pink-a-boo. May she live happily ever after over at the cat castle :)
Michelle said…
As my mother has always told me "When in doubt, don't". I believe you were never really sure about getting another animal, but, fortunately, this has a happy ending ... unlike an animal adoption I did 10 years ago. Long story short, that pup was not a good fit for our family, but returning him made for a traumatic experience for my daughter. She has since recovered ... and now we have a dog we like. ;)
Tara G. said…
I'm with Kelly- the special needs part has my eyes watering!
Faith said…
Oh man, so sorry for the kitty drama and that things didn't work out. Sounds like you do have your hands full already with your Kristen. You are a mess calling her "special needs" Hahaha!
The Garners said…
I'm sorry it didn't work out!
Jill said…
I feel bad that I said cats were evil, knowing now that you have a special needs cat. I take it back. LOL

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