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New Look

We got some bar stools last week and I am enjoying them. Steve is not enjoying them yet because I put them together. He is afraid they may crumble at any moment. He is not far from the truth. He is scared to sit in them until he tightens everything. This a a smart move on his part. We had some little stools that made us feel like we were eating on the floor. We had to hold our arms up to reach anything. They were not ideal at all.

Sarah Kate will be two three weeks from today. I could just cry my eyes out because I feel like she will no longer be a baby. I LOVE babies and would LOVE to have another, but as I always say," I am too old and too tired to have another baby."
In an attempt to cheer me up from my sadness(haha), we are giving Sarah Kate a big girl room. We are having her room painted yellow and decorating the rest in pink, blue and yellow. I am keeping her in that crib until she is THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily's sleep troubles began when we moved her out of her crib. I learned my lesson.
This is just a little sneak peek at her new decor.


Lauren said…
Steve cracks me up, haha!!! Doesn’t hurt to tighten, LOL! SK’s room is going to look so cute!!! :)
Lauren said…
I have to laugh about the bar stools -- my husband did the same thing! Our swivel...and the first time he sat in it and it moved, he said "um...Laur, I don't think these are put together correctly."
SK's room is going to be adorable! We are in the process of doing my 16mo room in the boy version! I wish I could keep Miles trapped in a crib until 3 - but he's the master climber and all things adventurous, so out he goes.
Crystal said…
Love the new bar stools! We have the same problem, they are way too low. That is funny about Steve, but sounds like my husband! Can't wait to see pictures of the Big Girl room!
His Doorkeeper said…
Your new bar stools are just adorable! Goes with your table, etc. Be sure to take pictures and show us Sarah Kate's new decor! Bet it will be darling...just like her!
Jennifer said…
I feel like you just had SK! Ha! Even though I didn't know you, I read Kelly's blog and remember when she was born. I was pregnant with Brody. And I didn't know Kelly then either. :)

I'm so glad you are keeping SK in her crib because it makes me feel better about keeping Brody in his crib this fall when he turns 2. There is no way I am crazy enough to have a newborn and put a toddler in a big bed, all at the same time.

Can't wait to see her room!!
I love your barstools..they look great. I bet you put them together perfectly! :) I visit your blog frequently; however, I've never left a comment.

I have a request, perhaps it's a little odd, but I'd like a picture of the back of your head! HA :) You see, I am totally in love with your hairstyle and I'd love to see what the back looks like too. I want to take the picture to the beauty shop and let her re-create your style on me! I've already printed the front to take, but I'd like to see the back too. If you wouldn't mind sending it to me, my e-mail is Thanks so much!
Jill said…
Amelia is 7 months old and I still haven't moved her to her crib. I wonder if a 5 year old could sleep comfortably in a pack-n-play?

Love the new barstools! :)
I can't wait to see pics of the new big girl room!
Annie said…
Hi, I not a good one on comments,ha.

I really like the barstools, and the new things for Sarah Kate room. Anxious to see the final result.

Happy Wednesday

PS: I read that Sarah Kate is going to be two years old soon, check my Birthday Treat Bags Giveaway (handmade by me).
Arden is almost 2 1/2, and I thought I would switch her to a bed this summer. However, I'm chicken to mess up her routine since she is the BEST sleeper in her crib. Plus, we will be throwing out all the pacifiers in two weeks when school is out, and we will also be potty training this summer. I think trying a bed might be too much. So, I might leave her in the crib until she is three too since she isn't climbing out.
Run26.2Mom said…
I love the fabric on the stools. You have a knack for decorating!
I can not wait to see photos of your daughter's new big girl room! It is one more milestone that you are happy and sad to see all at once. My 7 y.o. wanted Jonas brothers theme. I like the music but my baby has flowers and butterflies still. :)
sanjeet said…
he's the master climber and all things adventurous, so out he goes.
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