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We Have a Cat

We have a cat.....I don't know if the cat can stay. I may have ten hemangiomas on my lips before this is all said and done. When I get nervous I bite my lips.
The cat is sweet but hid under SK's crib for hours and then has meowed ALL NIGHT LONG. Kristen has reached a new height in craziness.

Her name is now Pink A Boo

What the shelter lady had to put up.......................................................................................................................................................................................... A YORKIE!


Lauren said…
Seriously, you need to become a dog family.. LOL!! Just something to think about after hearing all your crazy cat stories, haha!! :)
Tara G. said…
Wow- all night- in your own house. WOW. You are Mom of the Year!!!!
Crystal said…
Hoping that things get easier with Diamond! Do the girls like her?
The Ormons said…
That is just like bringing a puppy home for the first time it cries all night.. try and give it a couple of days.. the cat sure is cute though.. yall need a loving cat.. maybe she will warm up to you soon
Fran said…
We have two dogs and one outside cat...who wondered up...pregnant...didn't know it...had 6 kittens...then got pregnant again...that crew was messed up..."gave them all way."

Bottom line...make sure she is fixed.

Have fun!
Vonda Axe said…
I cracked up that Kristen likes coffee. Have fun with your new member of your family. (maybe)
Amanda Ledford said…
Bless your heart! Diamond sounds as crazy as Kristen! I'm with Lauren, have you considered the yorkie? :-)
I love Pink a Boo, such a great name! Hope it all works out.
Lee Ann said…
You talking about "the cat lady" reminded me of "the dog lady" our family got our dog from. She lived in a mobile home on the river, met us at the car wearing knee high rubber boots to escort us inside because she claimed that snakes were bad after it rained. The wildest part was one whole wall in the living room of the mobile home was taken up by a gigantic aquarium that held one fish that was so big it probably couldn't turn around. Gotta love those pet people! Hope things get better!
Holly said…
Aww! What a cute cat! I'm definitely a cat person more than a dog person, and I think she's adorable.

I hope her weird behaviour settles down soon though, the cat meowing all night would drive me a little mad too!

You might be surprised by how quickly you fall in love with your little furry friend. :)
Melissa said…
Hahah! I just had to comment on the yorkie part! I have one and you'd be surprised at all the talk I hear about how mean they are! Mine is the sweetest baby ever, she's just like a real baby!

Many prayers sent your way for a good night tonight!!!
Marianne said…
Cats are odd creatures...our first cat was a year old when we brought home another cat. She hated him and he did the hiding thing too. It took maybe a week at most before they became best buddies. Good luck!
Our Family said…
I go to church with Shannon Newman and have been reading your blog on and off through the link on her's.

I just saw your post about your cat and noticed you mentioned a "cat castle". We are currently trying to get rid of our cat. We are moving to and just cannot take him with us. Is this "cat castle" a real place and do they take cat's in or just give them away? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated! You can email me at

If you get a chance, drop me an email!

Thank you
Kim said…
The CAT LADY! If I don't find a husband soon, that might be me someday! ha ha ha!!

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