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More Tubes

Guess who is getting tubes tomorrow?

That would be Emily!

Emily did not pass her hearing test at her 4 year old check-up. The Dr made us an appt. with an audiologist yesterday. The audioligist did not even do a hearing test on Emily because her tympanagram was flat. (Not even sure what that means) The ENT worked us in yesterday and said Emily's ears were completely filled with fluid. He referred to it as "glue ears."

We have known that she did not hear very well. She is always saying,"what you say?" She does not always start words with the right letter. For example, she says biaper for diaper, beetle for needle, tingers for fingers and so on. She complains that her ears hurt all the time and is always wanting drops.

I am so thankful for modern medicine, and the Dr thinks Emily will have perfect hearing in about two weeks.


Susan said…
I'm visitng form Kelly's blog. My 14 month old son just got tubes put in yesterday. He have struggled with so many ear infections since he was born. I hope this works. Hope your little girl does well too!
Angie said…
hey! im so sorry to hear about kids have never had many ear infections, but reading your post kind of scares me bec brooklynn always says the wrong letters like that. keep us updated on her.
Tara G. said…
What a blessing that it's a fairly simply fix! What fun it'll be to watch a whole new world open up to her!
Mallory said…
Good luck! Glad it will be a quick fix! :)
rmfox said…
If I am remembering correctly, flat tympanograms mean the tympanic membrane isn't able to move due to fluid behind the membrane. This causes a decrease in sound conduction. Glue ear means that there is thick pus/fluid behind the tympanic membrane that resembles the consistency of glue. She is going to be a different little girl when she gets all that cleared out. I bet her speech improves quite rapidly. Prayers for her surgery!!
Jenna said…
will be praying for that little sweetie (and her sweet mama) tomorrow!
I had tubes when I was little due to many ear infections. It was great because I never had ear infections after that. Good luck.
Amanda Ledford said…
Bless her little heart! My cousins had similar problems to your girls and they told their mom that they had straight ear canals instead of slightly slanted. You might want to check in to that.
Guy and Julie said…
A flat tympanogram just means there's fluid in the middle ear, impeding the movement of the ear drum. It will cause her to hear as if she's underwater--everything sounds muffled. I bet she'll do great and that you'll see a BIG difference right away! Will be praying for her--and you--tomorrow!!
Andrea said…
Awe poor thing. I'm glad they found it before it got serious. Can't wait to hear about her progress after the surgery. I'll say a little prayer for you. (Ok so now I'm singing that song...foreva and eva...ahhh I'm a nerd-lol) but honestly, best wishes for sweet Emily.
Holly said…
I remember having to have tubes put in my ears too when I was about Emily's age.

I hope it clears up the problems for her! :)
Michelle said…
Praying today goes smooth for your sweet girl.
The Timbs Clan said…
Bless her sweet little heart!! I will keep you all in my prayers

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