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Old Books, My New Favorites

When my parents were here a couple of weeks ago, they brought some of my Dad's books from when he was a child. They also brought a few that were mine when I was little. I used to LOVE this memory book of Bible verses. My mom got this for me when I was little. I remember each picture that went along with the verses. I can even remember memorizing the verse for letter "A." I am so thankful that my parents taught me scripture. I am using this book with Emily right now at bedtime.

All of these books were my Dad's. There are many more. I loved reading them when I was little and I still love them today. I have not seen them in probably twenty five years. I was thinking about them a few weeks ago and I asked my parents if they could bring them to me when they came to visit. Emily is crazy about them! Every mark or tear in the books she says, "Granddaddy tore this when he was a little boy!"

I think the pictures in these old books are so sweet.
I know this is not safe, but I caught SK climbing her highchair to get "Cissy" the pacifier.


Lauren said…
I had that alphabet Bible verse book too, and I loved it! I think ours fell apart. They were not really "bound" to last. I distinctly remember my mom reading it to me and my sisters and us trying to learn the verses. So fun to see it on here.
Tara G. said…
I loved reading my dad's old books; I have a few for my son when he gets older! I actually learned to read from his old Sally, Dick, and Jane primer! ha!
Everday Edwards said…
Those books are absolutely precious! It is so sweet that your parents have saved those books for so many years. I love old stuff. I have a couple of books from when I was a little girl. One sitting on Jordan's shelf because it is so cute. Good post.

That is so special to have those books from your childhood to share with your girls. They sure are pretty little girls.
Mallory said…
What sweet books! I love the pictures too, brings us back to much more simpler times! :) Glad SK safely got her cissy! ;) I'm doing a giveaway I think you may be interested in, stop by!
Karen said…
I love "loved" books like your Dad' much love in each of those tears and marks! What a special gift for the girls! And, I love the idea of the ABC scripture book!
Unknown said…
those books are so precious! I LOVE the bible verse alphabet book! I am going to look on Ebay and see if I can find one!!!
Poor SK, hope getting rid of "cissy" gets better... I know we'll have to deal with the same thing in a few months when we decide to take our daughther's away!
Amanda said…
I remember that ABC Bible Memory Verse book!!! I learned verses in SS from it. I would love to find one for myself so I could use it to teach my kids! I am always a sucker for old reading books. The pictures are always so simple and beautiful!
I have a deep love for vintage children's books and decor. In fact little D's room is decorated with a vintage/retro theme...I need to post pictures soon!

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend, Laurie!
ADORABLE books! how sweet that you have them!!!!! I imagine them being placed on an old wood high-chair with an assortment of baby spoons and such!!! how sweet!!!
Run26.2Mom said…
What a special gift the books are...they are in really good shape despite "Granpa as a little boy" tearing them up. Too cute.
Happy Wednesday.
His Doorkeeper said…
Love the fact that the books belong to your Dad! What a legacy for Emily and SK!
Unknown said…
I had that alphabet Bible verse book too! I actually said them all in front of our church when I was 4- I got a magnet for it that is still on my parent's fridge! I wish I could find that book!
Hi Laurie! I just hopped over from Kelly's blog, and just had to comment on your Dad's old books! What a family treasure!!!

We are from Australia, we homeschool, and enjoy thrift shopping and garage-saling in order to build a heritage library for our children. Among our collection so far, are many from the same era with similar pictures. Our daughters love going garage saling with Daddy now and searching out their own vintage finds.
God Bless

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