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We Are Making It!

WELL............ Saturday night, pacifier free, was really tough. Emily did not go to sleep till midnight, then woke up several times crying. Steve slept in her room that first night. She cried soooo hard and was sucking her fingers and pulling on her tongue. I felt really sorry for her. BUT....the funny thing is that she never ever mentioned her "sissy." Still hasn't. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! One time, Monday, as she was playing, she told us that her sissy had gone to heaven and that is all. Each night is getting easier.
The sad news for me is that there have been NO naps. She has taken one since giving up "sissy."


Bethany said…
Aw, you're going to make it!! In another week or so you won't even remember the difficulties of this transition. She just has to find ways to self-soothe now without "sissy."

I have a 3-year-old and when she doesn't want to take naps I still require that she have some quiet time to herself in her room. She can read books, do puzzles or play with her Leap pad book game (I don't know which one we have but it's blue and it holds books). She enjoys her quiet break and so do I! And many times if I let her know that she doesn't necessarily have to fall asleep, she does anyway!
Anonymous said…
My older daughter, now 7, was the pacifier queen. My younger daughter, now 6, refused them (and all bottles, too, unfortunately-ha!). I have to come clean, though. My husband is a pediatrician. I am a part-time pediatric nurse practitioner. I sent my older daughter off to her 3 year old preschool with her pacifier and security blanket for naptime. I got a call from the director stating that "we must stop this." I know she was right, but we just let the pacifier hang in there forever. We had been used to a Montessori program where they did not mind if the child sucked on a pacifier and wore diapers until age 12. But the new private pre-K through 8th grade school was horrified with our Maxi-Mams in full surplus. My daughter did fine but wow...would you believe she has the straightest teeth? Ha!

Came by way of Kelly....your girls are precious, Laurie!

Andrea said…
Poor baby. No naps are hard. I'm pretty sure mine would scream for hours without her paci, which is why I am waiting until she is a little older so she can understand them leaving. I may try the balloons to heaven trick too. With my brother my Mom cut them up and put them in the trash and told him the trash man took them every time he would ask for it. I think that might be a little

Here's sending Emily some "sleepy" thoughts.
Kim said…
I'm happy to hear E has given up sissy. I'm not so happy to hear she is not napping. Let's have dinner or lunch soon! :)
Keep going! It will get easier! Arden is my only pacifier child, so I'm dreading having to take it away soon. My goal is age 2, but we'll see! Right now, I've already started limiting it to sleep time only. Owen didn't use anything but a blanket (which he still sleeps with), and Hudson was a thumb-sucker, but he stopped on his own once he was four. The no naps is hard! Owen gave up napping completely at age 2 1/2, but Hudson still will take one sometimes at age 5! Kids are so different that way.
Anonymous said…
It was a nightmare taking the pacifier away from my son. He was almost three and he was obsessed with them. We went through several weeks of rough nights. And he never took another nap. I feel your pain!!

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