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Story Behind the Cut

Let me give you a little background about the new haircut by Emily. Emily LOVES hair! (and shoes) She has been wanting a pony tail for several months now. We finally arrived at pony tail length about a month ago. Emily had been so proud to sport a pony tail. Emily has thought that you could just cut your hair into a pony tail. She would ask me to cut her a pony tail. When I get my haircut, she would ask, "Bekah gonna cut you a pony tail?" She told Steve and I that yesterday she was cutting a pony tail. Also, I let Emily play a little game on called Beauty Shop. She can wash, cut, style and color Barbie's hair and her friends on this cute little game. She had just finished playing this game before the real cutting began. I keep the little Crayola Kiddie scissors high in the cabinet, but had let her use them Wed night and again yesterday morning when she first got up. The scissors were left on the table. I forgot to put them up when she was done cutting her paper.

Here is Meme helping Emily make toast last Saturday.
Her little pony tail earlier this week.

Thank you for all the encouragement and "been there" stories! Also, thank you so much for the advice about the pen on the walls and cabinets. Alcohol did the trick for the cabinets. It was a blue ballpoint pen.


kate said…
but thank the heavens the BOW still works! you made me laugh out loud, again! hugs!
Jen said…
I think she is still precious as ever in the new do! Being a mom puts you in situations you never thought possible! :)
Jennifer said…
Her short cut is so cute! I love it, even though it came from a sad situation. This is going to be a story to tell her when she is 16.
Kristi said…
I think her hair is so cute short. It got fixed where you can't even tell she cut it. Just another story you can tell her when she grows up!
I think Emily looks darling with her new cut.
Lindsey said…
I think the cut is oh-so-cute! And one day you will get a big laugh out of this situation.....She still just as adorable;)
Heather said…
She DOES still look precious but I am sure this is traumatic! Being a parent is HARD! It's hard anyway, but all the emotions and giving up control to God make it TOUGH!
Just caught up on the "hair-raising" stories. So sad/funny! When I five my Dad was helping me with a homework project and took his eye off of me and chopped my bangs all off. When my Dad yelled at me I said "it's your fault, you gave the scissors!" Needless to say that did not save me from punishment and really bad hair for a while. :-)
Karyn said…
Emily is a beautiful little girl!
R said…
oh no! i feel for you! i have 2 girls, and i'm just waiting for the day my 3 1/2 year-old does the same thing. i know it's just on the horizon. :0) i never cut my own hair as a child, but i know it's so typical!

if it's any consolation, her new 'do is precious!
Jenna said…
Well I think the babe looks just precious with her new 'do!
Mary Avery said…
I apparently did the same thing about her age, but cut it much shorter! I saw her tonight and I thought... her hair looks shorter! She's still precious as ever! It will grow back and there will be lots of ponytails in your future!
Sara Campbell said… will get ya every time. My girls do those makeovers, etc. and then try to advise me to get pink highlights like Barbie has. I think that site should be outlawed! Ross makes me cut his hair but we always do it after the kids go to bed b/c I don't trust Eva further than I could throw her. She'd be giving Benaiah a buzz the next day.
My 7 yo son has now attempted to cut his own hair 3 times, yes, 3. Each time there is just chunks taken out of it. At least with a boy we just shave it down.

Her hair cut looks cute!
Andrea said…
Dear Laurie,

I think Emily did a great job of cutting her hair. When I was 4 my bangs were bothering me and I had asked my Mom for a few days to cut them for me before I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ended up cutting them so short it looked like I had "buzzed" my bangs off...ha ha ha. We have a couple of pictures from that somewhere. I think it's a sort of right of passage with having girls. I have 2 little girls, 20 months, and 3 weeks, and I expect there will be a few moments like this in the future.
Tothblog said…
My niece cut hers so short at age 4, we had to give her a pixi cut (we almost had to do a buzz cut). I took her to get her ears pierced just so she wouldn't be mistaken for a boy.

Hey Laurie,
I came across your blog after looking at Kelly's blog. I can soooo sympathize with you. Just about two months ago, the same happened to our four year old. My reaction was the same as yours. My heart fell to my feet, I cried, I yelled and after about an hour, I was able to laugh.... The only difference is she allowed her two year old cousin to do the cutting. When I found my daughter, my heart fell to my feet. Her cousin was hiding, knowing she'd done something very wrong. But, the cut is already looking better and I really don't pay much attention to it anymore. Your little girl's cut is cute. By the way, I love your little one's name! We have an 11 mo. old named Sarah Gray.
Lauren said…
Oh my, never a dull moment with children, right??? haha!! :) She's precious!
mrs shortcake said…
Oh, that's too sweet. Her new short cut is very chic though, very" Eloise"!
Jenilee said…
I just found your blog through Kelly's Korner... my girls just cut their hair too!

And, thankfully, they didn't cut any crazy bangs or anything because they are flower girls in my sister's wedding this weekend. This was a first time for me... so far we hadn't had any hair cutting incidents! :) I guess hair will grow, right?

Also, I noticed you used the word "Meme"... We call my canadian grandparents "meme and pepe"... I've never seen anyone else use that term... :) How fun!

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