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 We are enjoying a beautiful Summer night!
If you have a cat, continue reading.  If not, don't waste your time.
This is Frisco- weirdest cat on earth.
I think he likes us, but he has never just jumped up in my lap.  I can hold him (down) for about 15 seconds and then he is gone.
He purrs when he sees us, but we are not allowed to touch him.  One or two strokes on top of his head and he BITES.  Grabs your hand/wrist with his paws and bites the fire out of us.
Most cats like to lay in the sun. NOPE.  He lays beside where the sun is coming in.
A nice cozy bed?  NO, not him.  He prefers the cold tile floor.

CAN ANYTHING CURE THIS????????  The biting is the worst problem.

Oh and one more item.  He only eats the food in his bowl.  Any food on the floor NEVER gets eaten.  He would starve before eating off the floor.


A.K.W. said…
Haha, silly cat! Our cats are all outside though since my mom is allergic to them, ours don't mind eating on the ground though, they like french fries.

Cyndi J said…
has he been neutered ?
The Mommy said…
Cat lover, here!
We have a cat that adopted us almost two years ago. He came to our house (after the death of our hamster and after my then 6 year old had prayed for God to send us a cat) with a tattered collar and was VERY friendly. When we realized that he was not leaving and after I'd fallen in love with him, we had him neutered and he is now an indoor outside cat. In the past couple of weeks he has started flopping on the floor and stretching out and letting us rub his belly. He will let us hold him if we wake him up or if he is sleepy, but other than that, he only lets us hold him for a minute. He can be very content and then bites us if he is tired of us rubbing him. He loves to be around us and when we go on walks he follows us like a dog would, he also watches over my girls as they play outside. His name is Rainbow, because he was named by a three year old girl before we knew he was a boy.
Amanda M. said…
Is he still young; like under 3? Because neither of my kitties became lapcats (like not even for a second snuggling in my lap) until they were totally done being kittens! And no, my cats will eat nothing that has fallen on the floor. They act like that is beneath them! LOL!
Mary Ella said…
We had a cat like that, we ended up finding a home for him. He got worse as he got older. He would wait for us to walk by and attack your feet. The woman that ended up with him loved ALL his weird habits but he never got over them. His list of weird things was SO long! And on top of all that his fang teeth stuck out when his mouth was closed! Good luck!
Unknown said…
I am a new cat owner of 2 lovely ladies (ages 10 months and 1.2 year), and when they do something we don't like, we clap very loudly. This includes climbing up on the table, fighting (actual fighting, not play fighting), and when they try to scratch my husband. This seems to have helped them reduce those behaviors, as the loud clap scares them. We also give treats when they are doing good behavior, which they love. I think cats are funny, so I'm not sure how much help my info is, but you can try!
I read that whole thing. Why? I don't know. I have no comment on Frisco. I think all cats act crazy. :-)
emily said…
My little Bowie is very similar. She doesn't like to be held, so when she occasionally wants to cuddle, I have to soak it up because it usually only lasts for about 5 minutes before she sprints to another room randomly. She lays in the most random spots - right outside my bathroom door pressed up against the wall and beside her cat bed (she has never actually laid in it). I wanted a lazy, calm cat and I definitely got the complete opposite, but couldn't imagine life without her now. She's about 26 months.

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