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My Party Girl

Thursday morning began really early for us.  I sat my alarm for 5:35 a.m.  It was Emily's class Valentine's Day party and it was early.  The party was to began right when school started.  SK was going with us.  I put Emily in a hot pink dress.  SK and I were wearing our Valentine's best.  We had to leave the house at 6:50 in order to get a good parking space and get Emily there on time.  SK was super fussy and I had Steve helping me get her ready for the party.  Emily had done all her cards the night before and had her box in her backpack.
We pull up to school and I was so proud that we had made it early.  It is not very often that I am early.  The girls were super hungry.  We all skipped out on breakfast since the party was breakfast food.  I was just so proud because we got a very close parking place and I was so proud to be one of the first moms there.
Walk in the office to check in and get name badges and all that.  I say, "we are here for Emily's Valentine's party!"  Everyone in the office looks at me like I am a crazy woman and they start smiling.  They inform me that all parties are tomorrow morning.
Oh well, this is new for me...........  I was there 24 hours early.
SK and I just deflated.  We went ahead and went through the check-in process and walked to Emily's room to tell her it was the next day.  She was really mad at me! 
I felt like a fool.  SK and I go back home and I washed clothes and put up dshes and that sort of thing.  We were all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Last night we had our church directory picture made.  I am so glad that is over.  But, there is not much I like better than looking at a church directory!!!  Can't wait for them to come out!

Today, I got it right!  SK was not able to go because she had school today.  I made it to the party!  Right place at the right time!!!!!

Emily LOVES school so much!  I hope she always will.  We are so thankful for her wonderful, caring teachers.


Natasha said…
I'm so glad you absolutely did NOT miss the party! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that :)
Mary said…
Everytime I read your blog I laugh. You are too funny! So glad mom is well and it wasn't cancer (that post I didn't laugh at). Keep the posts coming you are so funny! Still wearing the pink fuzzy robe? We are snowed in up here in NY and I'm rocking my pink fuzzy robe, there's nothing better!
Muffy said…
So funny! The only thing better than looking at a church directory is looking at an OLD church directory!
Tara G. said…
I always live by the mantra that to be early is on time and to be on time is late, so good job!! :) We just got our new church directory and had some good laughs...especially over the guy who had his picture taken with Cletus the dog! Had no idea our church accepted canine members! ha!
Jan said…
I sent my husband and 10yo daughter to the father-daughter dance a whole night early last year. Hubs had come home w flowers for her, chocolate for me, and a balloon for the youngest. All that and then arrived at the venue to find the Boy Scouts were hosting their Pinewood Derby. I was in trouble, but couldn't help but laugh.
Tracy said…
Better a day early than a day late! I loved class parties when mine were young.

I love church directories too. We haven't had one in over 10 years!
Sasha said…
I have done that too! I actually sent my husband and son up to Day Out With Thomas two days early when Will was 3 and he was SO UPSET that Thomas wasn't there! My husband had a work meeting on the correct day, so I took off work to drive Will up there, and he was so nervous and worried that Thomas wouldn't be there again! I guess it's better to be early than late! Glad you got to make the party on the right day!
Donna said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said…
Laurie-This s completely unrelated to the current post, but I was browsing your older "Show Us Your Life" Kitchen post. I love your kitchen wainscoting & beadboard trim! I am trying to get my husband to duplicate the design for our kitchen. Is your beadboard the wooden paneling type or is it the beadboard wallpaper? We are trying to get the frame to fit the beadboard & it wont sit flush against the wall, so I was thinking maybe it is wall paper & nt paneling?? Thanks for the inspiration & sharing your life with us-your precious girls are a delight!

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