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Pete the Cat and the Chawed Mama

A couple of weeks ago Emily's class performed a book book/song called Pete the Cat.  It was darling.  Emily had some speaking lines and she did PERFECT!  We had watched the author perform the song on Youtube and they just ate it up!!!!  It is REALLY CUTE!!!!
The author of the book came to our town yesterday and did a little concert.  The guy is named Eric Litwin.
Let me preface this by saying-  I think I am a fun person.  I like funny people.  I LOVE to laugh.  I see the funny in stuff. BUT......I HATE AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is not fun or funny to me.
I knew about 5 seconds into his concert that this was a hands on, audience participation kinda thing.  I have NEVER liked anything where you have to get a partner, do hand motions, body motions to anything, EVER!  WELL....................  Mr. Eric called on a guy to answer a question in a real dramatic way, and then he gave the guy a hard time.  WHO DO YOU THINK THE SECOND PERSON HE CALLED ON TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SONG WAS??????????????????????  YEP- ME!  His eyes met mine, he pointed to me and I did the deer in the headlights, pointing to myself asking if he meant me?  My heart went to my feet.  The worst part was that I was not even really listening to what I was to do.  I THINK he wanted me to complain about the wind outside.  I had an easy answer: " I hate the wind because it messes up my hair."  VERY TRUE! I think people might have laughed, I don't know.  I think I lost all sense of seeing and hearing at the very moment.  I don't even know what he said back to me.  CHAWED was the word for me!  I nearly died and I think Emily did too.
I can public speak all day, make announcements at church, answer any question you might have for me.but call me up in a crowd at a silly show and ask me to do something silly-- NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I have recovered from the chawedness.  I am not sure.
When we got in the car, I asked Emily if she like the concert and she said, "well, did YOU?"  She never would say if she liked it.
Oh well, you live and learn.  People like me should never sit at the front or make eye contact with the performer.
It really was a cute concert!  His books are great and they all teach a little life lesson.  I guess I learned mine!


Tara G. said…
Yep, with you on audience participation. Emily seems very astute! :)
A.K.W. said…
You sound like me, I can never get up in front of people and act silly!

Karen said…
hahaha...I love your blog, Laurie! You are so honest and hilarious :) Craig's kindergarten class read those books a few months ago and LOVED them. I still hear the kids singing, "Pete the Cat" as they are walking out to recess. What a blast to have the author come to your town!
Becky said…
So like me!
Becky said…
So like me!
Megan said…
Laurie, I am totally with you on this one! I got nervous for YOU when I read this!
Lauri said…
Same here! I hate that, they should warn you!
Kerri said…
Laurie, I read your blog all the time and never comment but I just had to! I feel like we are the same about so many things- I hate participating in things like that but could give any 'professional' type presentation or speak in front of anyone. I also am the pickiest eater in the world and I just tell people that they should not be insulted at all If I don't eat their cooking because I don't eat anything with dressing, mayo, sour cream, eggs, seeds, .. The list goes on!
Angie said…
I hate any kind of public speaking. It makes me sick to my stomach!

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