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Mountain Top Getaway

 This past weekend, the girls in our Sunday School class had a weekend getaway called the "Night of Nothing."  It should have been called the night of fun!  We had no plans for the weekend, just to hang out and relax and do nothing.  We had lots of good laughter.  I LOVE TO LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went on a hike Saturday morning that nearly killed me.  I bought some tennis shoes last August. I have worn them only two times: the day I bought them and Saturday on the hike.  That should say something about my athletic abilities and love for exercise.  We hiked down a mountain.  I was feeling good and sporty!  I just thought the trail would wrap around back to the cabin.  I did not realize that we would be hiking back up the mountain.  Two sweet, kind and compassionate friends stayed with me as we went back up the mountain.  I was gasping for air!  I tried to act tough and sporty, but I was near death, I am pretty sure. I was trying to figure out how an ambulance could get down the mountain to get me. I came to the conclusion that my friend who owns the place could just drive a 4-wheeler down there and get me to the ambulance.  I made it!  I survived!!!!  I was proud!!! The rest of the girls were back at the cabin and about to eat lunch when I hobbled back through the door.  The Lord must have worked some sort of miracle because I am not even sore.  Hum?
I also had a revelation from my friend Erin this weekend.  I am a VERY picky eater.  I hate any white sauce that is cold-mayo, ranch dressing, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese.  Erin said, "So basically you don't eat dairy?"  For nearly 40 years I have been looking for an excuse for my eating habits without hurting folks feelings.  I have fear and panic went a girl invites me over for lunch.  I always vision chicken salad or some girly food.  I have an answer that is not offensive:  Here it is........." I can't eat dairy."  That is all I have to say. " I can't eat dairy."  NO explaining, no awkward moments.  Just plan and simple and they can just wonder why not. 

I am so thankful for our wonderful church!!!!  God has given me great friends!!!


Natasha said…
Except make sure you also clarify you don't eat mayo since it is oil and eggs, not dairy. I don't know how old I was when I found out mayo wasn't dairy, and I'm still a little suspicious of it :)
Kim said…
Sounds like you had a great time! Saturday was a great day for a hike. One last thing, I still think you are nuts for not liking sour cream or Ranch dressing! That stuff makes EVERYTHING taste better!
A.K.W. said…
I agree with Kim I love sour cream, ranch dressing, and mayo, etc. I'm not a picky eater at all though, a couple years ago my parent's and I became vegans then now we're flexitarians pretty much since we occasionally eat fish and turkey but not very often if we're at home though.

At home we basically vegetarian foods.

Angie said…
Sounds like such a fun trip with friends! You gals are so lucky to have one another.

I had to laugh at your hiking story. That would have so been me. I probably would have never made it back to the top though!!!

Have a good week:)
Cathy's World said…
I read your blog all the time. This is my first time commenting though. I too love to laugh. I always say,"All that I'm after is a life full of laughter." Your post had me rolling. That would me. I highly dislike all those things too. Now,
that will be my reason not to have to eat it anymore. Have a great week.
Michelle said…
Sounds like your weekend was a lot of fun! I love good times with girlfriends. :)

But, I must ask....HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE CREAM CHEESE?!?!?!?! I'm pretty sure you could put cream cheese on dirt and I'd think it was delicious!
Kelli said…
Oh I love girls weekends...I have not been on one in a few years and now this has me craving one.
It looks like you had a fun time~
Melissa said…
girl...i'm with you on the hiking deal..HA..i would have been behind you! Glad you made it...but glad you had a back-up plan to get back to the top! YOU CRACK ME UP!
Kandi said…
i just love you, Laurie.
Jennifer said…
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Jennifer said…

I've read your blog for some time. I just have to say, I wish I lived in Bentonville. You're the kind of lady I'd love to hang out with. You make me laugh!!! I love friends who make me laugh at life. Thanks for sharing your life with those of us who read. I like how honest and transparent you are about even the ordinary, simple things in life--like "I can't eat dairy!" So stinkin' funny!!! You're friends must cherish you beyond belief and love every minute they spend with you.

DeeDee said…
It is actually a great thing that you don't like dairy..I wish I didn't! You save a bunch of calories not liking all that stuff :) anything with cream cheese, sour cream, and mayo is my friend!
pamk said…
Oh, you poor girl. Laurie! You are missing some major deliciousness by not eating Ranch, sour cream, and cream cheese! (But also missing some major calories, wish I didn't love them so much!)
MissBrightside said…
What a hoot! I don't eat foods that shimmer. This includes, but is not limited to; pudding, jello, most gravies, jellies, sauces and some deli meats. Don't you just hate that rainbow sheen that forms on the surface of cold ham?!?
However, due to this food weirdness, I always ask people if they have food aversions before I invite them over....and I never serve mayo...I forgot to put that on the list :O)
Maegan said…
I literally laughed for a long time after this! I had no idea when you came into the cabin and said, "Maegan, give me just a minute to sit down..." that you really were about to die! LOL!!! Oh my word, too funny. YOU made me laugh like "Karen & Joyce" made you laugh!!! Love you Laurie.
You make me laugh. :)
Dina said…
I am a super picky eater too and don't like any condiments. So no chicken salad for me either, because of the grody mayo. I also get panicky to eat at people's houses. I always want to ask, "what are you going to be serving?" I wish it wasn't bad manners!

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