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Changing Things up a Bit

I have been doing a little re-decorating lately. It all started when I got the kitchen table and chairs.
I am not putting these picture on here to say, "look what I have " or anything like that. If you are like me, I LOVE to look on the internet for decorating ideas. I just realized that decorating magazines are VERY expensive. I almost bought one last week and it rang up as $12. I am so tight that I told the lady that I did not want it. Hopefully you can get some ideas of what to do, or not to do, from this post.
I love to shop at flea markets and antique stores. I found this Cloche at a local antique shop. I am looking for some little eggs to go in the nest. Right now I have a seashell that came from the Bahamas a couple of years ago. Do you have a cloche and what do you put under it?
I found this old ash bucket at an antique/flea market.
This cat tray was my great grandmothers. I have had it in my kitchen cabinet for many years.
I found this shower curtain at Pottery Barn for half price. I am trying to lighten up the look of my house. The glass canister is filled with my favorite soap-Yardley's Lavender.
My sweet Mother in Law gave me this frame for Christmas. I need to find a picture for it.
A local lady makes these pillows and sells them at my favorite antique shop. I thought this was really cute for just $11. I painted my two extra Windsor chairs red. They will come in handy when we have lots of guests. It also adds a lot of color to the kitchen.

I LOVE to look at folk's houses. I wish I could just ring doorbells and say, "could I look around your house?"


Bethany said…
Very pretty! Do you happen to know the name and brand of your kitchen paint color? I'm looking for something like that color. Thanks :)
Johanne said…
Thanks for sharing and I too love to see how people decorate their homes. It's fun and it give people ideas too. Thank You!
Tara G. said…
When I saw the cute frame I thought,"Look how sweet she is to include her husband's football picture in her decorating!" I'm so naive. You have some great finds! Are you going to use the tray? I would personally vacillate between wanting to keep it set up and then using it!
Michelle said…
I wouldn't pay $12 for a magazine, either. I love everything you've done. One of my favorite things to do is go to people's homes and see how they decorate. I also like to take a walk around the neighborhood in the evening before it's dark (when most people still have their blinds open) and look in people's windows to see how they decorate. My kids call me a stalker. lol
Everday Edwards said…
I just started buying Yardley's Lavender and I love it!!! I'm liking the new light look. Very pretty.

jenn said…
Love everything you showed us! especially the picture frame, the ash bucket, and your shower curtin! its so fun to look into other peoples homes. an organization in this area coordinates a 'Homes Tour' fundraiser--people pay $25 or so dollars and tour 4 or 5 homes. and they are usually the REALLy nice ones everyone drools over. I've never been able to go. :-(
Kimberley said…
you did a great job decorating! and i'm with you, i would love to walk up and down Central and ask if i could go into a bunch of houses on that street!
Lauri said…
You MUST join Pinterest! You will never need another magazine again!
Rebecca said…
Love your decorating! I also really love the frame your mother in law gave you - do you know where she bought it? It would match my decor perfectly! :)
Shelly said…
Pinterest! Sooo many ideas and they are free :)
Christi said…
Love the changes. I can get you little eggs...1.79a piece at a place call Real Deals. I got some last week and a friend owns the store. I'll just need to know how many and your address. Also, does that shop sell the pillow cover or pillow with cover for $11? If it's just the cover, could I pay you to get me one and send it to Ohio? I love that pillow.


Keener family (no space after Keener) at
Jennifer said…
I love to look around peoples homes too! I am in my first home and a newlywed, so I am slowly and steadily adding to my collection of accent pieces. I love your is exactly what I decorate like! I would like you know your paint color too. I am wanting a color like that for our downstairs, and I am acccenting with golds, reds, browns, blacks, etc.
Noelle said…
What is the name of the antique store? I'd love to buy one of those pillows! Thanks
Noelle said…
Great decorating!!

What is the name of the antique store? I'd love to buy one of those pillows! Thanks, Noelle
Amy said…
What is your favorite antique store..I am relatively new to the area... and would love to check it out!
Melanie Keffer said…
Totally with you in all you said. Decorating is my absolute favorite thing and scrounging around old shops goes right along with it. It is fun to look at what others do. Love the painted chairs. I have something like that in mind for some kitchen chairs I inherited. Right now I have a genuine old milk can that I am dying to do something with. Want to paint it and then paint a scene on it maybe? Not sure yet.

Also saw on pininterest, and you may have seen this - Take those inexpensive fabricated wood bookcases and paint them black (paint gun would work good), add a little trim around the top, replace the backing with beadboard and woolah! A sharp looking book case for WAY LESS than what they cost.

Kelly talks so much about you that I had to check out your blog. Hope you don't mind.

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

P. S. I don't know Kelly either! Actually, it is a friend of hers that I really do know. So there is a live connection in all this! Ha.
Brooke D said…
I love these ideas :) Thanks for sharing!!
Sarah said…
It makes me laugh that you don't like birds but you use their nests for decorating! :)
Misty said…
I am a blog follower of Kelly's Korner, and was aware that you are her best friend. :) And, I knew you have 2 little girls as well. I was looking for info on where to get little girls' dresses- but couldn't help but notice your post on your home decorations. LOVE them! I'm in the midst of painting and want to redecorate a little & I LOVE your style! :)
Misty in KY

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