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Our Pet Bird

If you have spent any time on this blog at all, you know I am terrified of birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a bird phobia! Several of you have told me about the new Animal Planet show called "My Strange Animal Phobia." You could not pay me a million dollars to be on that show. As I walked through our entry way I spotted this bird on the front porch. I gasped and made sure that the door was locked (like the bird would really open up our front door).
Birds love and adore our front porch. Notice the lovely wiring and fake snake to "scare them away." You see it works well.
As much as I despise birds, I can't chase it off on a cold night like this. Poor thing is trying to find a warm place.
My hunter is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve has been away hunting with Scott in South Arkansas. We are soooo THRILLED that he is back home!!!!!


Tara G. said…
I was in Venice with some girlfriends last month and I seriously thought of you as I watched tourists feed the pigeons so they'd land all over themselves for pictures- I find that gross!!
Nancy said…
The way the snake is by that bird it almost looks like a monkey :) Or maybe it's because I don't have my glasses on! HA!
merlin said…
I have to tell you that looks like a monkey which would freak me out even more. Fears are a terrible thing, and my experience has been that the thing(s) I fear most show up over and over and that defiant bird is confirmation that we are going to face our fears one way or the other. A friend used a fishing net type material, draped around, to keep the birds out of her entry way, maybe you could try something like that.
Kim said…
You make me laugh with your bird stories!! When I was in DC a few weeks ago I thought of you...the birds there are so tame they walk right up to you! You would have been a nervous wreck!!
Susan Gilchrist said…
I have GOT to know - where did you find the pink minky bedding?? It looks so soft!
R said…
Love that she has that bow on till the very last minute of the day! :)
missy said…
I thought of you yesterday as I was driving down the road. The man in the truck in front of us had a bird on his shoulder AS HE WAS DRIVING!! It was crazy!
sl said…
MY friend told me about the way she scared off birds. It works! I got some cheap plastic snakes and put them on my porch. No more birds!!

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