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I heard Beth Moore say several years ago that "impression without expression, causes depression."
I don't want to be depressed, so I will share how I was impressed over the past few days.

I taught art for over 12 years in the public school systems. I really believe it is the BEST job in a school! Every year, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Arkansas Art Educators conference in Little Rock. I always learned so much and got to be around some of the neatest and most fun people in Arkansas.

I have been out of the classroom now for 5 years. I left when Emily was born. I do not want to lose my teaching certification, so I am working to get 60 professional development hours. I have to have them done by December 31st. I applied to keep up my certification last January. I have had to watch some of the most terribly boring videos in the world and take test on them. I knew that attending the conference would be an easy and fun way to get a big chunk of hours. I felt as if I was still teaching and had not been away at all. I got so enthusiastic about teaching and art ideas. I think Emily is going to start getting lots of art lessons from her mama.

The conference put a big emphasis on the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in my area. It is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It opens on 11/11/11. We got to see many never before photos from inside the museum. I am thrilled about this fabulous place. I LOVE art history. I am so excited to hear all the stories behind all the painting and sculptures. I will be so excited to have a tour. We are so blessed that our girls get to be exposed to something this great. They have lots of opportunities for children.

On to other ways I was impressed..................I left Wednesday and stayed with my FUNNY friend Kim. She needs to be a comedian. She took me to my favorite restaurant in the world, El Canaveral. It is my all time favorite salsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very flavorful and not hot at all. I acted like a crazy woman as I was eating it. I want to be the spokeswoman for El Canveral. It is in Cabot, Ar. If you are ever in that area, you need to go!

Thursday night I stayed with my friends Kelly and Eric in Little Rock. I enjoyed being with them so much. They are always so fun and wonderful hosts.
Steve held the fort down, with lots of help from some wonderful friends. to watch a video and take a test......................


Tara G. said…
Laurie, I am so impressed by you and your ability to get the 60 hours in!!! I kept up with my certificates for a while, but it seemed like it got harder and harder as we lived overseas and kids...I let them go. Anyway- kudos to you and I hope you share some of your projects with Emily (please?!). :)
Nancy said…
I had no idea you were an art teacher! How neat!!
I have to do continuing ed's too, not fun, but easier than retaking our national exam!!
That salsa looks DIVINE! My grandmother lived in Monette, AR...I've been several times but I'm not sure if it's anywhere near that yumminess. :)
Have a good weekend!
Mauree said…
I used to be a teach before I had my three boys. I too am trying very hard to finish my 60 hours by December 31. I do not want my certificate to expire.I am having trouble finding the 2 hour Arkansas history requirement. Have you found somewhere that offers it? I took PreK ELLA for my big chunk of hours. I enjoyed it too! My boys have been getting lots of reading lessons...ha!
Gail said…
Good for you for going for the needed hours to keep your teaching certificate!

Gail from Annapolis, MD
Anonymous said…
My Mom was an art teacher for junior high kids at a Christian school and the school my brother's attended so my Mom got to bring me and my sister to her class every once in awhile and we have her art work scattered through out our house along with some of my photography and my niece's and nephew.

She also taught school for the deaf so I have learned some sign language!

Christi said…
I just love your blog! You are so funny! I teach middle school in TN. Good luck with your classes.
The Irish Lass said…
I saw that salsa and thought, "OOH! Laurie was happy!" :-)
Ok, next time I drive my Memaw to her cosmetic dentist in Cabot, we will eat there. And it better be good. Haha, only kidding!

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