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All Aboard!

Yesterday was a very fun day for me and Sarah Kate! We went with a few friends from church to ride a train. I loved it because I felt like I was living in Little House on the Prairie days!!! Right up my alley. Here is Alex going to catch the train. Sarah Kate and Neely

Erin, Kamryn and Kinley.
Kade, Alex and Kinley.
I was in pure bliss.......holding Kamryn, riding a train and being with friends I love!
It was impossible to get 6 children to look at a camera while a training was passing.
Sarah Kate's boy, Wells.
Leaving the train. I wish it had been an all day ride, but I was about to partake of chips and salsa, so I could not complain.
Neely, Amanda and Lela
Amber and Ginger

I want to ride the train again very soon. I know it would be sooo beautiful in the Fall as all the leaves are changing.
Sarah Kate ruined her dress at the train station. She sat on a railroad tie (not on the track) and got tar or oil or something horrid on it. I have tried Goo Gone, Mineral Spirits, Shout and Oxyclean. It is still there.


Charity said…
I love the 4'th picture with the baby in it with her hand over her face like "oh no, no pictures right now please, I don't have my hair done" too cute!
Tara G. said…
My mil gave me Haley's Cleaning Hints some years ago- if it's oil, they say, "we've found that using waterless hand cleaner as a prewash will work on most oil and grease stains. Or if it's really bad, soak the garment in cola overnight. And to get rid of that oil odor, throw a cup of baking soda into the washing cycle." If it's tar there's a long explanation- but e-mail me if you'd like it! mrsyellowhat @ yahoo dot com. (The train looks like fun!!)
Tara G. said…
Oh- just looked thought about cola on the pink dress- that might stain!
Shelly said…
Try the Biz Boil (I haven't done it, but have friends that have and it worked)
Put a HUGE pot of water (even a metal bucket would probabley work) on the stove and begin heating the water. Add 3/4 to 1 cup of Biz laundry additive to the water. Stir the heating mixture to disolve the Biz. Bring this "brew" to a boil and add your stained clothes. Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. Next, turn off the heat. Let the pot of clothes sit until cool and then wash as usual. CAUTION!! You are dealing with hot boiling water. USE CARE especially if you have children in the house. Do not remove HOT clothes from the pot. Just be patient and let the pot cool down. A SEVERE BURN is not worth some clean
Anonymous said…
What about Tide stain release for the wash. I love Tide. You throw it in with the load of wash. I got a small bag of samples and gave it to my neighbor with 2 kids. She loves it.
Jenna said…
This post is full of cutie pie kids! Looks like ya'll had a great time!
I bet you're right...riding a train in the Fall would be beautiful! I hate that SK got something on her outfit....: (
Let us know if and how you get the stain out!
Meaghan said…
Dawn Dish Soap!! It will get grease out of anything!
Robin said…
I also you Dawn on my clothes that have any sort of grease stain on them and it has always worked for me. I just put it directly on the stain.
The Mirza's said…
I know it sounds crazy, but spread cheez-whiz on it and then wash it. It should come right out. Found the tip online once and it worked to get grease out of a coat. It makes you never want to eat that again.
Good Luck
The Garners said…
That sounds like fun!
Nancy said…
It looks like a wonderful day with friends!
Kimberley said…
is the the train that goes to van buren? i want to do that with my boys, i know they would love it!
Erin said…
Looks like I'm nursing! Ha!!
Sounds like you guys had a great time!

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have a blast reading!

I am so sorry to hear about SK's dress. I am a stain freak, try this... dampen the dress with a little water, then spray it to death with hair spray and rub it vigorously with a wet wash cloth. If that doesn't work, spray on some Totally Toddler ( sold at Babies R Us) with the hair spray and even lay it in the sun with mounds of hair spray and Totally Toddler on it. I've laid some clothes outside all day and re applied the hair spray and Totally Toddler every couple of hours or so, and it may take a while, but it's worth a try.

I know what you're thinking...hairspray?? It's a secret my mama told me and it's actually worked!

Good luck!!
Nixon Family said…
The best thing I have found to get out grease and oil stains is pinesol I pour it directly onto the stain. Beware though the clothes do smell like pinesol when they come out so it sometimes takes 2 washes to get the smell out, but it is worth it to be stainfree.
pamk said…
I use Goop, a waterless hand cleaner that is available in the automotive dept at Walmart and similar places, to remove grease stains. My dad used it 50 years ago when I was a kid to clean his hands after working on the car, but it's now even labeled on the little tub it comes in that it removes stains from your washing. The creosote from the railroad tie that is on your dress may be resistant, but for regular household grease stains, I've never found anything that Goop can't remove! I just rub the stains with the Goop as I'm sorting clothes before washing, or even put it on before I throw them into the clothes hamper, so I don't forget later. I had some blood stains on a housecoat today (must be more careful shaving my legs!) and it took the blood right out, also.
Amber said…
Which train is this?
Emily said…
Try Simple Green! I heard it gets out everything!

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