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Kristen Kraziness

We have had a pretty uneventful few days and I am thankful for that. That is not a bad position to be in!
I do believe that I have one of the craziest cats ever. This will be about 21 seconds of your life that you can not get back, but I videoed Kristen during our washing machine washing. She has always, since the first week I had her, meowed and fussed during certain cycles of our washing machine. She always wants to be in the laundry room when I wash and then she meows and chirps the whole time. I need an animal psychologist to analyze her.


Anonymous said…
This made me LOL!! I have two cats and they meow constantly and drive us crazy! They are terrified of the washing machine and love to watch you turn on the shower or flush the toilet! I found your blog because I am a devoted KK fan - love your daily read!
Kim said…
LOL this is hilarious!!!!
Lauren said…
Laurie, you crack me up!!!! :)
Megan said…
Laurie, Kristen is a very cute, sassy kitty!, My kitty who ia a tabby also love to mew at everything! Esppecially if she thinks she may get treats out of it! Lol I'm pretty much the only member in my family who appreciates what a lovely kitty she is!
Kim said…
I heart Kristen! You and I are the only ones who do!
Heather said…
Laurie every time you write about Kristen it cracks me up. Animals with "human" names always do. I have a cat named Roy, so I should know! It was the name he came with, so we kept it, but people are always commenting that it is a strange name for a cat. Poor kitty! Anyway, loved the video. She looks a little leary of the spin cycle.
Ryan V. said…
haha! That is kind of strange! Maybe some wash cycles are soothing to her like a baby with white noise or something!? So funny!!
Unknown said…
This literally made me laugh out loud! Your blog cracks me up. You are so funny!
Holly said…
LOL! That is seriously bizarre! I have never seen my cat, Poppy, show an interest in the washing machine at all, although she does sometimes come into the bathroom while I am in the show and roll herself up in the bathmat! o.O

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