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Summer in the Country

We went to a family reunion in South Arkansas this weekend. We had lots of fun, but we were soooooo hot. But, I would rather be hot than cold!
Waiting around for the fish to fry.

The girls got to ride a horse. I had said a couple of weeks ago that I would NEVER let my girls ride a horse at their young age. I ate my words Saturday night.
Emily was as nervous riding as I was letting her ride. I kept thinking, "What if this horse spooks and runs away with her?"

Sarah Kate was not scared at all!!!!! She was soooo proud to be riding a horse.

Riding the Mule.
We let Harper take Sarah Kate for a ride. NO! I am just kidding. They were pretending.
Glad I got to be with my Dad for Father's day! These are two very wise and kind Dads.

The most fun at the farm: The merry-go-round. I loved it as much as the children.


ThirstyGirl said…
why don't you put your girls hair up in pony tails or pig tails when its so hot?
Is that a southern thing?
Bless their hearts, they look so hot.
I'm not griping...sorry it sounds that have BEAUTIFUL children.
Kim said…
I love the picture with E, SK, and Harper! So precious holding hands.
Laurie in SC said…
Just saw this prayer book for single girls:
I know u have a heart for ministering to these precious ones :)
Nancy said…
Looks like a wonderful weekend with lots of fun memories made :)
Unknown said…
Your girls are precious! I would also be scared for my son to ride a horse, when I was younger I rode a horse at the county fair and it bucked me off and left me unconscious for a good five minutes. Friends and relatives think I'm crazy for not allowing my child to ride the ponies and horses at the fair, but after my tramatic incident I can only think the worse, lol.

I also LOVE the old merry ground, how cool?!

-Kelly F.
glad y'all had a good time! Love that merry go 'round and i'm so proud that you let the girls ride a horse!!!
Lauren said…
How fun!!!!!!!!!! :)
Unknown said…
My children have always been around horses. My oldest (he is 8 now) got a minature shetland pony for his 2nd birthday! It was the meanest thing ever. He still rode it when he was 5 and it bucked him off. I actually have a picture of it bucking him off!! It threw him back and he had a terrible bruise on his chin. Needless to say he hasn't rode it since and it will not be rode again!! He rides a much bigger horse now!! Check this post out!

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