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Our Goings On

We went out early this morning to play in the beautiful snow.

We had spaghetti for lunch. Check out the ballet outfit and the face. She also ate blueberries for dessert. Thank goodness for Oxyclean.
Sarah Kate fixed ice water for herself and Emily at lunch. I heard Sarah Kate say, " I don't wanna use that cup, it's angry!"

Thank You Thank You Thank You to all of you who took the time to read my blog and tell me about jeans that might work for me! You have given me great direction! I am glad to know I don't have to go around like this forever.
We have beautiful snow at our house today! I put the girls in mismatched WARM clothes and we went out. I wore my pink robe with a ski jacket over it. YES I DID! I could have stayed for hours because I was so warm. I am sure that no one saw me because we stayed in the backyard.


Andrea said…
I officially LOVE you! You crack me up about the robe, totally something I would do. My guilty clothing pleasure is a pair of my husband's flannel pj pants. I wear those all of the time. I'd like to have them on now (because it's a chili 35 today in Austin with NO snow...darn) but I actually had to get out of the car today. Otherwise I'm not ashamed to admit I'll go to the ATM wearing them.

I should also point out that I have to pull them up to my chest because they are so long. Which totally adds to my "cool" factor. :-P
Holly said…
LOL at the robe and the coat! I see absolutely no problem with that. If you were warm, and in your private back garden, go for it! :D
Unknown said…
We have snow here today too but it is too cold to play, with the wind chill -8! Your girls are adorable! I love the monkey shirt and ballet outfit story. My three year old Cooper only want to wear his Colts or John Deere sweatshirt.
Green Girl said…
I'd love to know who makes this magical warm robe!! I may bite and get one for myself!
The Ormons said…
Does it count that I had company this morning and I never took my robe off? ha.. love the snow.. wish we could get so lucky
His Doorkeeper said…
I love a snow day because it means I can wear old clothes, no make-up and white socks 'cause NO BODY is coming by my house today!! Just a great feeling except I do worry some emergency will happen and we will be called to the hospital and I would be a mess!
Sisters said…
Did you wear leggings under your robe? Didn't your legs get cold?
I'm concerned. I don't own a robe, but I may have to get one after reading about yours. Oh, the blog pressure!!!
Jane said…
Laurie, you crack me up! I can always expect a good chuckle when I read your blog :)I bet you looked real cute in your robe and jacket this afternoon. Thank goodness for our fenced in back should see what I often wear to weed my flower beds - hah!
Norma said…
Will you please post the roast recipe again. I can't find it. Thanks
Jill said…
If only we has a pic of you in ski jacket & robe!! :)
Odie Boggs said…
Love the pink robe!!! I would love to have a skirt and shirt made out of fuzzy warm material like my robe!
Have you tried the new Blitzen Crocs? They are awesome!! Mine are brown with pink fur. SO WARM!!!

Nancy said…
Looks like a fun day!!
I'm in my moo moo as I type this & it's a really bad blue but oh so warm. :)
Lauren said…
Soooo cute!!! :)
Kim said…
The girls are usual! I remember my mom had a blue furry robe she wore ALL THE TIME in the winter!! I can remember her wearing it outside! ha ha! Good memories!

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