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Enchiladas Anyone?

I got this recipe several years ago from my friend Melinda. We were helping with a baby shower and several of us were asked to bring this recipe for enchiladas. I made them and I was hooked. I love to make this for dinner guest.

I make this recipe using chicken most of the time, but I have also done it with hamburger meat and with boiled shrimp. They are all good. My favorite is the shrimp. You could just fill them with shredded cheese and use no meat at all.

3 chicken breasts-boil and shred or chop them.
Then mix the following ingredients in a large sauce pan:

1 lb sharp cheddar cheese shredded
1 can cream of mushroom soup
3 cans cream of chicken soup
8 oz. sour cream
3 Tbs salsa
1 can chopped green chilis
garlic salt and pepper to taste

Just warm all this. DO NOT let it boil.
Use a large baking dish (9x13) sprayed with cooking spray. Fill about 8 flour tortillas with chicken first and then sauce mixture. You will have LOTS of sauce left over. Pour all of this over the tortillas and bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Several years ago I made this for a friend. She asked me for the recipe several months later. I gave it to her over the phone. Keep in mind she is not too much of a cook. She called me one day and told me the enchiladas were a big disaster and they could not eat them. She went on to say that she had to use a whole bag of tortillas and 4 baking dishes. She missed the part about pouring the left over sauce on top of it all. She said that they were so hard and dry that they nearly broke their teeth. Just keep that in mind! I think of her every time I make this recipe.
I hope you will enjoy this.
Some have asked me to post the roast recipe again. It can be found in my November 9th post titled "Something Good to Eat"


The roast recipe was fabulous! We had it Christmas day!
I can't wait to try this one.
I've tried 2 new recipes this week that have bombed...maybe the 3rd times the charm?
Kim said…
This sounds delicious!!!
The Ormons said…
Too funny. I am making enchiladas tonight for the first time. I am using Hillary's recipe. I hope Justin likes it. ugh
I just looking for the roast one the other day! Seriously. I was looking and looking and finally got a headache from staring at the computer. Thanks for both recipes. Im making them next week and am excited to try something new.
Katie said…
We love enchiladas and I always make Pioneer Woman's "Simple Enchiladas" but I am definitely trying your recipe now. Thanks for posting! This will keep us warm on the prairie for supper tonight.
Jennie said…
Thanks Laurie! I can't wait to try them out. Sounds yummy.
Jenny said…
Hi! I'm a lurker from Kelly's blog. I was these freeze well? I cook for two, but we are expecting our first baby in July. I'm looking for some meals that I can split and freeze. Thanks!
Ashley said…
Sounds delish!! I am going to try this because your roast recipe is now one of my family's favorite! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Candis Berge said…
The "Mississippi Roast" recipe is going around here in my little world like wild-fire. Oh yes, I have facebook friends in Canada and in Portland, OR and sundry places who are also hooked. I told them they MUST refer to it as "Mississippi Roast". ha ha.

Now, Arkansas enchiladas?
Whitney said…
Yum! Thanks for sharing! Anything Mexican is right down my alley! :)
Nancy said…
Sounds delish! I think I'm going to try it out! :)
LeighAnne said…
I love enchilades and make several different variations. I am going to try this soon!! :)
Jennifer said…
I have made the roast twice and we have loved it both times! I can't wait to make these enchiladas.
Michelle said…
Yum, this sounds similiar to my "Chicken Durango" I make often, only instead of salsa and sour cream, you add Rotel tomatoes (and layer sauce, meat, cheese, and tortillas like a lasagna)- it's scrumptious! LOVE your idea for adding shrimp instead. This will be the next meal I prepare! Thank you. :)
Cassie said…
I made it last night it was yummy!
Betsy said…
I just wanted to leave you a message that I made this tonight and I am so excited. It may be my all time favorite mexican dish to make from now on!!! And just in time for the winter storm. Yum!!
Sarah said…
I am so behind in getting back to this post to leave a comment.

I have to tell you that the very day you posted this, I was having some serious cravings for enchiladas. Serious cravings! I read it late in the afternoon, about the time I needed to be starting dinner. When I realized that I had EVERYTHING I needed to make your enchiladas, I got right to work getting them made and in the oven.

These were absolutely delicious!!! I am so, so thankful you posted this recipe. Thank you!!!

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