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A Tender Tennessee Christmas

I have always loved Amy Grant's "Tennessee Christmas." I sang that song over and over in my head as we watched the beautiful snow fall in Collierville, TN. I was wanting my guitar and my big Amy Grant songbook so I could play it. But, I might have spent Christmas alone if I had done that. I guitar skills are not to great these days.
Christmas morning.
My SIL got our children matching p.j.s to have on Christmas morning. I LOVE them! I thought that was a great idea! I think it needs to be a new tradition.
I enjoyed holding the newest member of the family. This is Carrington being held by her sweet cousin, Sarah Anne. Give me a newborn to hold and I am a happy woman. When I was holding Carrington, Steve looked and me and said, "THE ANSWER IS NO!"
Christmas Eve at Granny's house.
Here we are with Granny. This seems to be a real slenderizing pose for me. Maybe I should start standing and walking this way.
On the eve of Christmas eve, we went to Steve's cousin Jackie's house in Memphis.

Here is the newest member on that side of the family. This is Zack.
My CUTE CUTE nephew Reid and his Daddy, Justin. Reid is 16 months old. He is a sweetheart.
Aunt Cissy. My girls are crazy about her and she is crazy about them too!
Modeling some Christmas attire.
We enjoyed being with family this Christmas. God has given us so much to be thankful for!!!!!! I am trying to sort through all the new stuff and make room. I will do some more Christmas pictures later on this week.


Kim said…
Hi Laurie! I have been following your blog for a while, and just saw you have family in the Collierville, TN area. That is where we live and where I have lived since I was 3. I just thought that was neat, people don't usually know where Collierville is. Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas! Your girls are so stinkin' cute!
Ruth Ann said…
Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love the matching pajamas! That is the one tradition I do every year is have my boys wear matching pajamas every christmas morning! It makes the photos sooo cute! And on a side got me hooked on Sea Monkeys and today I woke up to find 7 babies in the tank! I'm hooked! I love them sooo much!
Andrea said…
How funny, I have followed your blog for a while and I live about an hour from Collierville. The snow was BEAUTIFUL! I love the matching PJs. My kids got their first cousin this Christmas, we may have to start that tradion next year. Merry Christmas!!
Anonymous said…
I follow you through Kelly's Korner and was suprised to hear about Collierville as well - my sister lives there with her family and I love going to visit! Also, my mother is from North Central Arkansas and we go visit there ever so often - I love the pj's!! Going to have to get my nephews some for next Christmas!!
Sarah said…
Love the matching pj's. I can't wait to have more than my one little peanut so they can wear matching christmas outfits!!! Enjoy the new year!
Anonymous said…
Adorable photos! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Nancy said…
Love the pose & especially love Granny's funky little blanket behind her. I hope I'm stylish like that when I am her age!!
Happy New Year & keep blogging because I love reading yours!
Tara G. said…
I had gotten up early to work out and glanced through my blog roll, read your post and wanted to laugh out loud (everyone was still sleeping)at your "slenderizing pose!" Now it's nap time and I'm still having to stifle my giggles! :) It's snowing here- pretty until you have to go out in it! We're still waiting for the 21st C snow removal techniques to come to Ukraine...until then, it's the old Soviet plows and babushkas with stick brooms.
Muffy said…
haha I used to listen to that Amy Grant Christmas tape ALL the time! Love the matching pjs with their names - how cute!
Anonymous said…
That is my FAVE Christmas song too! Love it. Had to comment!
Glad you had a lovely holiday. Those outfits on your girls are to die for.
Stacey said…
I am glad you all had a nice Christmas!! Those newborns really do get us, don't they? I had my daughter 15 years ago but when I hold a baby something just clicks that makes me want another. I also love Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas. I had that one on several times last week.
Claire said…
Oh what adorable pictures! The matching pajamas are just darling! You had me cracking up at the "slenderizing" pose.

Just left Memphis after spending 5 years there and we never had a white Christmas :) So glad you enjoyed it. And I love Steve's comment..."the answer is no!"
Danielle Taylor said…
Your girls are just the cutest things! And so are their outfits! I hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year!
Jill said…
I think Steve should give you another baby for next Christmas. You guys make pretty babies! And that is reason enough to have another child.

Love the matching pjs.
Anonymous said…
Where are THOSE pjs from? Got to get me some!!!
Your family is the CUTEST.EVER.PERIOD!
dj said…
My friend gave my girls the same PJs and I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful! I was surprised to see Collierville...I live just a few minutes from there. Love your blog and I'm so glad I clicked over from Kelly to take a look. You join her on my reader now!

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