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Dancing and Rocks in the Nose

We had another good day at VBS. All of our nursery babies were so sweet!
Several VBS workers had told me that Emily really gets into the music at the assemblies. I wanted to check it out for myself. I figured she just sang and did all the hand motions. I was so proud. Little did I know she was literally dancing in the aisles. I did not see any singing coming out of her mouth, just dancing. I think Emily would fit in well in a Pentecostal church.

Sarah Kate is loving VBS too. She is in the two year old room. They brought her to me this morning telling me that she had put a ROCK up her nose. All I knew to do was take her to the DR. But, a sweet friend took her to the bathroom with a flashlight and tweezers. All she found were boogers. I am hoping and praying that she does NOT have a rock up her nose. She does not seem to be in pain or discomfort. Hopefully it was blown out or just fell out. They asked Sarah Kate to blow her nose and she sucked in. She does not know how to blow her nose yet. As she was inhaling in, I was visioning the rock going into her brain cavity.


Mallory said…
The video is precious! She really gets into it! I hope SK doesn't really have a rock up there, poor girl! Just a little curious!
Katie said…
SO funny. :)

I directed VBS a few years back and we had a similar thing happen...a littler girl was told she couldn't take any extra beads with her after arts and crafts, but she REALLY wanted this one green she decided her nose was a great place to keep it. She ended up getting a bloody nose and we discovered that it was lodged WAY up there, but we could see it!
One of our helpers was a DR., and he was finally able to get it out... made for a little bit of excitement!
Mary Ella said…
Mary Ella stuck a jingle bell up her nose and we could not see it looking up her nose but we could see the bulge from the outside of her nose. We had to take her to the ER because we were on our way to Chicago but they were able to get it out quickly...just not quick enough for Mary Ella. I will pray that it is not really in there and that she does not have to go through that!
Everday Edwards said…
She is the cutest thing ever! I'm so glad she is right next to my group. It makes me smile to see those sweet girls dancing. Hope there is no rock to discover...

KatieB. said…
I love Emily. That girl has so much spunk!
Lauren said…
Seriously, can you package up Emily and send her to me, would love to spend just a day with her… that girl is a hoot!! What a sweet video!! :)

And sorry, but that cracked me up about SK!!! Hope there’s no rocks up there, ha!!! :)
Robin said…
I can see them dancing and I'm on the other side of the worship center. They are TOO cute!!!!

Hope SK is ok!!!
Amanda Ledford said…
Oh my word that is just the cutest thing! She seriously gets into it!

Hope SK is ok. Bless her cute little heart!
The Ormons said…
Go Emily, I love that she is dancing to the music. Hey just another way to praise God right.

Hope SK is ok. Keep us posted.
The Irish Lass said…
It's very, very common in pediatrics for children to shove things up their noses, so you are not alone. I just had to say that the video of Emily dancing to praise music is sooooo adorable! How incredibly sweet is that?

Andrea said…
Ha HA that girl's got some moves!

As far as the nose drama goes: When I was around 16 months old, I "loved" raisins. Or so my Mom thought. I also had a chronic runny nose. COme to find out I had shoved a few raisins up there and they had plumped back out into grapes. (super gross sorry) The doctor was able to get them out....but it's pretty normal for kids to put things up their noses. I babysat a little girl who put a marble up there.

Here's my professional opinion as a voice teacher trained in the anatomy of the nose and throat...ha ha...If SK sucked in, it's likely that the rock went up her nose and down into her throat. She'll probably pass it.

Things to look for if not, runny nose/ upper respiratory infection...or constipation. I'd just ask the doctor to check it at her next visit if you're worried about it. :-)
Jenna said…
I once stuck an M&M up my nose in preschool. It was green. (Nice) I actually remember doing it to be funny (always the jokester), although I can't say I remember laughing that much when it wouldn't come out. Tell SK it happens to the best of us! :-)

And that Emily could not be cuter. And her mama could not be funnier. :-)
Kelly said…
I spent my whole time in the sanctuary laughing at Emily this morning - that girl cracks me up. She was feeling the Spirit this morning!!!
I'm SOOOOOOO glad you got that on tape!
Cherit said…
That video is too cute! Love it!
Run26.2Mom said…
I love how Emily is dancing around and around that one little boy. She is a natural encourager by periodically giving high fives. So cute! Such joy. Such memories. SK memories of VBS sound a little more traumatic. :) Hope all is well.
Jess :) said…
How adorable is that?!? She is totally into it and doesn't really care what anyone else is doing!!!!!!!! PRECIOUS :)

Sweet SK...praying she doesn't still have a rock up in there...somewhere. That wouldn't be good, but it sure did make me chuckle just a bit. ;) Sorry. I know that's probably not what you did, as her mom, but it just made me SMILE!!
monelle said…
This video is priceless! What a free spirit - I love it!

And what kids will do with rocks and dirt LOL

Great post Laurie!

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