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Fizzledust Fizzledust

I have said this before, but I will say it again: I have pretty terrible hair! It is SUPER thin! I have spent many a dollar on Aquage hairspray. I could have put both girls through school for all the money I have spent on hairspray. I have more bad hair days than good. But.......from time to time, people tell me my hair is cute, or who does your hair? I am amazed, but thankful for the compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had a couple of blog readers ask to see the back of my hair. I have had friends on Facebook give the same request. I have promised to email them the back of my hair, and I have just never done it. I am sorry. Soooooo, tonight, HERE IT IS! It is not looking all that great, but I think it will give you the idea.
I think my hair is a lot like cotton candy. Fluffy and sticky
I fix it in the morning, spray it and I am done with it for the day. I don't want anyone touching my hair. I don't want wind blowing it. My hair is fizzledust. I don't even know how to explain that word except to look at my hair and feel it.


Abramyan Avenue said…
I too have super fine hair and have gone through an endless array of hair products to try and make it have some volume. Our haircuts are similar and I have found a product that works MIRACLES! It's got2b fat-tastic COLLAGEN. I found it in my grocery store, it was around $6, Ulta sells it too. You will LOVE it! I was actually thinking about doing a post on's THAT good!
Oh my goodness, your blog always makes me laugh out loud. I know you haven't been gone long, but I've missed you!
Dana said…
Laurie, I know all about fizzledust! My mamaw has fizzledust, my mama has fizzledust, & now my little girl has fizzledust! Ha! I was tickled to see that word on your blog. My mother in law is not familiar with fizzledust, & always tells me my daughter's hair looks dry, or thin, or both! Your hair is so cute, and your daughters are darling.
Mallory said…
Our hair is almost exactly alike! I use TONS of Freeze IT!
just a suggestion, You should go and get some pure abundance shampoo and conditioner from an AVEDA salon. It thickens the individual hair strand. Wonderful product there is even a hair spray and hair potion in that line.Bonus they are natural products!!
monelle said…
very cute hair!
Unknown said…
I have fine hair too- you need to get a collagen treatment on your hair- get like three. I PROMISE you will notice a difference. I have fine curly hair I flat iron everyday- but since I got the collagen treatments no breakage and more volume. You'll love.

PS found your blog through Kelly's- I can get enough of what your kids say - hilarious!!! I literally L O L!

xo Sarah from Los Angeles.
Cherit said…
I think your hair is cute! I have totally the opposite problem. My hair is so thick that when I get it cut I always say I'm getting deweeded. I should weigh a whole lot less after that, but I don't think so!
The Bowden's said…
I have always thought you had great hair. Thanks for sharing!
Faith said…
I think you have super cute hair!
Michelle said…
You're so funny, Laurie ... and your hair is super cute, too!
Shannon said…
Laurie...i am a hairstylist, have you tried the product called DUST-IT? It would be perfect for your hair! I love your cut, too!
wej said…
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Thank you so much for posting this picture! I printed off a picture from your blog to take to the beauty shop at the end of June. She got close, but it's not exactly like yours. I can never seem to get the "poof" you get at the back. I guess I just need to keep practicing. Thanks again for sharing your picture.

Your hair always looks great & that is not just a friendly blog comment! God gives us all diff. types of hair and I myself have thin stringy hair... but those curly thick girls are jealous, so be proud! :)
Lauren said…
Love it!!!!! :)
Kelly said…
I'm just laughing. That's all I can say.
Jess :) said…
LOL!!! I LOVE it!! Your hair is super cute...just like you!! So glad that we're BOTH best friends with Aquage! I mean, have you ever had a better friend??!?! Okay, besides Kelly and all the other AR girls, but Aquage must be up there with all of them!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Right?!?!
sfennell said…
Laurie, Where can I buy this Aquage. I saw it online and don't mind ordering through there but I was wondering if you buy it at a salon, ULTA, etc.? thanks

Please e-mail me...I have the same type of hair and I haven't been able to plaster it enough to stay all day.
Stacey said…
I have the same type of hair and haircut as you. Sister to sister I feel your pain! Great post and some great comments for suggestions. I am always willing to try ANYTHING to help my hair. Have a great weekend!!
Kim said…
Girl, you always look great! Let's get together soon for chips and salsa!
Stephanie said…
Ok Laurie....I have completely opposite hair...naturally curly and I spend a tons of time and product trying to make it straight. No amount of product will keep the curls, frizz, and "boof" away if it's humid or we are at the beach! I can literally feel my hair expanding when it's humid!!! I dream of straight hair.ha! My mom always says you always want what you don't have....btw I love your hair!
Becky said…
Yep. Me too. I do like Got2b after I wash it. The only thing that will even partially hold it is Aussie Instant Freeze. I have tried almost everything......I used to get Aquage too. John Amico also makes a spray that does pretty well - at a pretty price.....
A Little Water said…
I think your haircut is so cute!

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