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The Library

This is Emily's drawing of her Uncle Justin, Aunt Cissy and cousin Reid. Justin is wearing a hat. Emily loves to draw her family!
Aunt Cissy sent Sarah Kate this darling pillow case dress for her Birthday!
This morning, I took the girls to the local public library for story time. I am trying to recover from our visit there. I am worn out! The place was out of control. I am sure there were around 40 or more children there for story time and there was not enough room for all the children to fit. They sit in a really cool enclosed dome for the children's time. I shoved Emily in the room while Sarah Kate refused to sit with her. SK was overwhelmed and so was I. I spent the next thirty minutes trying to keep Sarah Kate from destroying the library. After the stories, they did a craft. SK joined Emily for this. SK threw THREE major fits while we were there. The entire library was looking at us!!! When she doesn't get her way, she goes down to the floor, spreads out and SCREAMS and cries at the top of her lungs. The more I try to get her up, the worse she gets. Soon after I got home, the phone rang. Caller i.d. said Family and Child Services. I was convinced I had been turned into the local authorities. To my relief, they were calling about a donation.
Will we go again next week? I need another week to decide.


This story gave me a good laugh and reminded me of my own library storytime torture. :) How funny that CFS called on the same day!...Oh my goodness! While I was typing that last sentence DCF was calling me...I'm not kidding!!! They were just calling about a foster care placement. Haha!

It sounds like SK and D have similar temperaments. Is that a two year old thing or is it just them??? :)
Andrea said…
Ha ha...I'm sure the people starring have all been there or are about to be. 2 year olds are fit throwers. My oldest did occassionaly, but I'm pretty sure my youngest is going to give me a run for my money.
Lauren said…
Oh, you poor thing….. Sounds like what you intended to be a peaceful trip to the library turned into the exact opposite. Better luck next time maybe?!? That’s if you make a go of it, ha!!
hysterical about Family and Child Services calling!! Both of my children went through the "full- body-melt-down" phase and the "go- rigid-and-straight-as-a-board- while-you-try-to-carry-them-to-the-car" phase. lol Hang in there!
His Doorkeeper said…
Oh Laurie...thanks for the good laugh you gave me today!! You are just a precious mother!! If social services called on every mom whose child threw a fit in public, there wouldn't be enough workers to do the job!!!
R said…
summers are crazy at the library! we're regulars at our library's story time, but during the summer it's always madness. i look forward to school starting again so the world becomes "ours" again! :0)
Kelly said…
I'm dying laughing about the phone call. And I love the dress!
Laurie said…
Don't you love how some activities "supposedly" designed for preschoolers can be extremely stressful and make a grown up act like a 2 year old?!?! Good luck w/ story time in the future!!!
Betsy said…
Oh my word. That is so funny, Laurie. (At least to ME it is!) I can just imagine your heart stopping when you saw that number on caller ID!! Bless your heart. Being a mommy is hard sometimes!! Good thing your girls are adorable! :)
Tara G. said…
Oh gracious- my heart would have been in my shoes!
Run26.2Mom said…
I am sorry to say I laughed out loud at this journey. The story hour and craft always sounds like such a great idea, doesn't it? It is one of those adventures where the vision of how it will go is much sweeter in your head than the actual event. You are a good mom to try to make it work.
Oh my! And then don't you feel like every mother in there thinks you don't discipline and why does she let her child do that? LOL--Wish I could be there when THEIR child does it, LOL!!!
I figure I don't have a case worker yet, so we're still good!! ROFLOL
Anonymous said…
Bless your heart!!! Im sure all the other mommys understood though. I get so embarassed when Weston is being ugly when we go out somewhere. But oh well, what do ya do?! :-) Oh and thanks for showing us how you made the picture frame bow holder. It is so pretty and would be a great gift to make for someone! Your girls are TOO pretty!!
Kay Ormon said…
I must point out that Sarah Kate is very intelligent. If she gets angry in an area with tile floors, she runs to a carpeted area before throwing herself to the floor and wailing.

Pop and Kay-K Ormon
Jill said…
Laurie, you are so funny! I love how you tell a story. I can see it all happening in my head.
Sarah said…
Laurie-- I've been following your blog for a while now (found you over at Kelly's Korner) and I love reading about you and your girls. I'm a children's librarian, and I just want to say: your library story happens ALL THE TIME! Don't be chawed about it-- I see fits all the time and never really mind. It's just part of the job.
Before I was a Mama I would see a child throwing a fit like the one you described and I would think, gosh, that child is a brat or why won't that mom do something to stop that child. NOW that I'm a mother of a 17 month old who has begun to throw those little fits herself, I totally understand. Boy do they have a mind of their own. I'm always worried I'm going pull Avery's arm out of the socket when I'm trying to get her up out of the floor while throwing her fits.

You're story was all too familiar.

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