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And The Winner Is.............................

Clinique Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second runner up is Escada Into the Blue!

The search is over, until next Christmas. I realize that most people don't put this much time, effort and research into buying a car.

We went to the mall as a family today. Steve is soooooo kind and generous. He decided that since we like both of these a whole lot that he would just get me two. That is sooo him. I am so happy with my final choice.

I doubt they sell more than about two bottles of Into the Blue a year, but I love the smell........ crisp and clean. It is so me to find some unheard of fragrance to love. I always seem to order things at restaurants that they have to dig out of the back of the freezer. Like meatloaf or something along the lines of that. Instead of going for a Coke or something normal, I will buy some Peach Nectar that has dust on it. You get my point.

Steve did say that he hoped I would not remind him of Orange Pledge or orange dish detergent wearing the Happy. Oh well, I guess the only perfect fragrance will be found in heaven! ha!


Kodi said…
I have not read at all about the perfume dilemma until tonight, but I have to say I LOVE Into the Blue! I bought it at TJ Maxx about six months ago and it is the ONLY perfume I've used the entire bottle of! I normally rotate three or four bottles of perfume but I've worn several squirts of it everyday since I got it. Now it's gone... :(
haha I hope you love it!
Christy said…
I enjoy Happy. I didn't read through the comments on your other post but did anyone mention those neat sets they have at Sephora? The sampler set of perfume where they give you about 8 to try for a while and when you pick your favorite, the set has a certificate to exchange for a full size bottle?

Are you still teaching private art lessons? I have a friend looking for someone.
You are making me laugh! You are so right about you always wanting something NO ONE else would ever want! ha! That's why I love you!
Hahahaha. You make me laugh. I can't wait to smell Into the Blue. I love Clinique Happy.
Angie said…
my husband still likes perry ellis 360 and woooo! i wear it only around him cause i usually have a headache afterwards...glad he likes couture couture ha! and kenzo power! i bought it in mexico..they don't sell in us, but i found it on ebay and is yummy!
Michelle said…
Now I'm curious to know what Into the Blue smells like. All of your perfume posts have been very helpful. I got my mom Light Blue for Christmas and I'm thinking about a new scent for 2010 myself.
Madison Sanders said…
I looked into my files and found the name of my mom's FAVORITE perfume ever. She has tried lots of perfumes over the years and was SO disappointed when she couldn't find it. She had worn it since her early 20s, and she said women AND men would stop her on the street because they had to know what she was wearing. It is called Musk Oil Perfume.

I surprised her with it for
Mother's Day. Here's the link:

You will see a lotion and body wash in that fragrance when you open the page.
Madison Sanders said…
I forgot to say you don't need to use much at all. At little of that perfume goes a long way. :)
joelandbecca said…
Yay Happy! I am going to have to check out the Into The Blue! I am way intrigued now.

Anyway-I love your blog. Found it blog hopping and your girls are so cute! I don't know how you do it! I am worn out with one! ha! Have a good one! :)
The Vinson Five said…

Ebay is an awesome resource for perfume that isn't sold anymore. Here are a ton of links for Escada tropical punch.

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