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Walkie Talkie

This morning Kelly and I took our girls on the new Crystal Bridges museum trail. We had so much fun walking and talking. I am sooooo out of shape and un-athletic. I was huffing and puffing the whole time. We went up some major hills that seemed to stretch for eternity. Sweet Kelly offered to push my girls in the double stroller up one of the stretches. I think Kelly could see I was about to collapse. I pushed baby Harper and it gave me a much lighter load. I let Kelly push my girls because she is so much more fit than I am. I am out of contacts, so I had to walk in my glasses. I was sweating so bad that my glasses were down on the tip of my nose. I know I looked like the wolf posed as granny in Little Red Riding Hood.
Kelly took these precious pictures of our girls. She could be a photographer! I am chomping at the bit to get these pictures in a frame for my house. These little girls make me so happy! You should have heard Kelly and I trying to get the girls to look at the camera. We were acting like goons.
What a wonderful morning!


Kelly said…
It made me laugh all that we did to try and get one good picture of those girls. Good thing no one was around to hear us. ha!
I was just as out of shape and out of breath as you were. ha! But I sure enjoyed it!
His Doorkeeper said…
Two wonderful girls out with their 3 precious girls!

What a great day!
The Garners said…
CUTE dresses on CUTE girls! I miss going on walks--when R was a baby I went on walks about twice a day (to try to get him to fall asleep), but now I haven't figured out a safe way to get out near the road with all three kids! Looks like a fun day!
Alaska Girl said…
What fun! Even though I was the youngest of six, I remember my Mom buying me a different matching dress (on sale, of course) with each of my three best friends. As a scrapbooker, I appreciate her thoughtfulness (& the matchy/matchy pictures) to this day!

With my Emily and Sarah, it got to the point where Sarah was wearing the "same" dress for a few years since she also received the hand-me-down one from Emily! =]

God bless - L
Christa said…
Love the matching outfits...too cute!!
Jennifer said…
Those pictures is precious! Have a great week!
Triple J's Girl said…
I love reading your blog Laurie! It cracks me up because I can read it just as if you were saying it out loud. Also because I canNOT get over the fact how much Sarah Kate looks like my Marlie. Marlie turned 1 on July 9th, so part of it is their age, but the face and THE HAIR! Oh my goodness the hair! It's identical. Ours is just a lil darker. But then I look at this post, and YEP Miss Marlie has the exact same green dress! HA! I love it!
Lauren said…
Those pictures are SO precious!!! :)
Jenna said…
Cutest little girls in the history of America.

Ya'll make some PRETTY babies! And they are lucky to have such sweet sweet Mamas!

Glad ya'll had fun!
Hillary said…
I laughed out loud at the "Little Red Riding Hood" comment! You're too funny! I love those three girls a lot! And I miss their mommies! I hope to see you all real soon! Also, I'm going to try to call you back tomorrow!
Erin said…
What fun! And 3 BEAUTIFUL girls! love the pics
krislyn. said…
Oh Laurie, I do not even know you -- ha, but i was soo picturing this event and was literally cracking up at my desk!! ha ..

Hills in the humity and pushing two little ones; that's a feat in itself! =)

Pictures are great, love the matching outfits!
Betsy said…
They are soooo cute!

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