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Never a Dull Moment

We are about to have a new baby in our family....................................................................................................................and it is not from me!
We are so excited because my sister in law is going to be induced in the morning. Baby Reid will be born sometime tomorrow. I have never been a "real " Aunt before. I can't wait. I know he will be beautiful!

Emily always "over" smiles in her pictures, showing every tooth in her head. I told her to just look normal. This is her normal.

Emily has some funny sayings lately:

When Steve and I are talking about something she says, "What you speaking of?"

She tells me at least twenty time a day that she is a big girl and she also says,"I is a girl." She is very proud to be a girl.

She is also hung up on saying,"you think that be a great idea?" For example: "I going to watch Barney, you think that be a great idea?" " I going to eat dinner, you think that be a great idea?" But, she has trouble with the gr sound so it is freat. Makes me smiles every time.

When I try to get her to bed, for nap or bedtime, she says,"But, I didn't yawn!"

I am always telling her that she can do things when she gets bigger. Lately she has been telling me that I can do things when I get little. For example: "Mom, when you get little you can play with this Barbie, you think that be a freat idea?

I am fixing to put her to bed and I know what she will say when I say bedtime: But, I didn't yawn, I not yawning!"


Christa said…
Too funny...Emily is a cutie!
Kelly said…
That Emily is a MESS!!!!

I read that first line and was close to killing you if you had news and put it on your blog without telling me first. ha ha ha ha!
I saw on facebook that Reid is on his way!!! SO exciting!! I know E & SK will love their little boy cousin!
His Doorkeeper said…
Emily is such a character....I love it!! I think she is alot like her Mama!! Those are darling pictures of her!
Mandy said…
I followed your blog over from Kelly's blog... I bet you never here that: ) Anyhoo you have a beautiful family and your girls are soo adorable!!
Jill said…
What a cutie, for sure! I am smiling. :)
Andrea said…
HA HA...I love the "you think that be a freat idea?" My 2 year old is always saying, "wha happen?" Tonight she fell off the bed at my Mom's she's balling (we thought she may have broken her arm...heart attack for Mommy... but she's fine) and she looks at us, stops crying and says, "Wha happen?" and then "Oh I fall off da bed"

It's fun to watch them learn to talk.
Jenna said…
This post made me over smile big time. Every tooth in my head is showing!! :-D
kate said…
I'm sitting at my kitchen table working on a syllabus for a class this fall having to get it done by today - not fun at 645 am ...and your post on Emily just made me laugh out loud! She is hysterical!
kendall said…
Too cute...she is precious!
Lauren said…
Emily is soooooo precious!!!!! :)
Aishlea said…
I love the posts about your girls! Too cute!
Triple J's Girl said…
Congrats Auntie! Emily reminds me of my Kennedy. Which I guess I should say a prayer for you now as she gets older! HA! Kennedy will be super tired and rubbing her eyes and say, "I'm not really tired. My eyes just are itchy. Must be my allergies." YEAH OKAY! Marlie still looks like SK I just cant get over it. I even showed my husband!
Leigh Ann said…
So cute! I love all of those sayings. When I'm talking to Derek or on the phone, EG will say "What you talkin'?" Cracks me up! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Loved how you said right away, "It's not from me." That made me laugh!
Madison Sanders said…
Emily is too cute with her funny little self!
Ashleigh said…
Your girls are absolutely adorable! I followed your blog over from Kelly's! I love Sarah Kate's carseat cover! I was actually wondering if you could buy them somewhere or if it was a gift?!
Tera said…
Stopped by from K's Korner too! :) Seriously, Emily is too funny!! Your girls always look so sweetly adorable. Where do you find all of their dresses? I wish I lived in the South...I have such a hard time finding classic dresses with the smocking and everything. My oldest is having her 5 year portraits next month and I've been searching for the perfect dress!

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