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Tulsa Weekend

My little goat woman. In El Dorado, Ar there used to be a woman that lived in a box car and had lots of goats. She was called the Goat Woman. THIS was Emily's favorite exhibit at the Tulsa zoo. The goats. Not the wild, exotic animals-the goats. Well, she also like the chimpanzees, but she was most concerned that they were not wearing any clothes. She said,"those silly monkeys are naked!"
Steve took off early on Friday and we headed to Tulsa for a mini vacay. I had saved my latest issue of Southern Living to read on the drive there. The weather was beautiful on Friday. The drive went fine until I halved a cereal bar for Emily and Sarah Kate to share. Emily had an all out fit because she wanted the whole bar. Her crying caused SK to cry and Steve was trying to get us to our hotel in unfamiliar territory. It was not a pretty picture. All I could do was laugh. What else can be done? We made it to the Double Tree and got some incredible, warm cookies. One bite of those and it made the last thirty minutes of screaming fade into a distant memory. We ordered room service and it was really good, but really expensive. We won't be doing that again. SK was really irritable by the time our food came. The lady bringing the food greeted Sarah Kate with "Hello Fussy." Then she said, "I could her that baby all the way down the hall." Soon after we ate, I put SK in the Pack N Play for the night. She cried for one hour!!!!!! We tried pretending we had all gone to sleep but, it didn't work. I was just waiting on a call from the front desk telling us we were disturbing the peace. I felt soooo bad for the people around us and on our hall. We were in that hotel for two nights and would you believe I did not see one living soul while I was there? I don't know if SK had cleared out our floor with the crying or they just were not busy this weekend.

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo and found out it was a free day at the zoo. Apparently, the news was out because all of Oklahoma and the surrounding states were there. I am pretty sure of it. I have never in my life been in such a crowd. It was like walking in the streets of New York city. We still had a great time. I don't think SK got much out of it.

SK got so hot at the zoo. She spent most of the time chewing on her fingers. She didn't care anything about the animals. Bless her heart, she didn't see the animals for all the people. Both girls were sound alseep before we got out of the parking lot.

We ate dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Ohhhhh it was sooooooooooo wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we stopped at Maggie Moo's. I got brownie batter ice cream with Heath Bar in it. It was GREAT! Here is a weirdness about me: I don't like creamy ice cream. I like it gritty. This was a little to creamy for me, but it tasted good. When I say "gritty" I mean like Chick-Fil-A and homemade ice cream is usually gritty. I know, call me crazy.

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at McDonalds or "DonDonalds" as Emily says. Have you had their new coffee? Delicious!
We went to the Tulsa Aquarium. It was very interesting. Emily enjoyed it for about ten minutes and SK just enjoyed a two hour stroller ride. I LOVE museums and I love to people watch. Museums are a great place to people watch. I had a great time!

And top off the weekend I had my best restaurant experience EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ate at Los Cabos. OH MY GOODNESS GOOD!!!!!!!!! THE BEST CHIPS and SALSA EVER!!!!!!!! I love Chili's, but this topped them. I also love El Canaveral in Cabot, AR, but this beat them. The chips were very thin (transparent) with glistening salt. Ohhhhh heavenly..... and the salsa was very thin and runny and sooooo salty and FLAVORFUL! The atmosphere was so perfect and John Mayer was playing over the speakers. It could not have been any better. Our girls acted good too, I think......I was so into the chips and salsa, but I don't remember them being loud or anything.

I love going on little trips like this and making memories.


The trip sounds just wonderful! I'm glad ya'll took this mini vacation!!!
Let's eat at Las cabos in October!!!
KK said…
I love the Tulsa zoo and the fact that it only bothered her that the monkeys were naked!
Christa said…
I know what you mean about loving salsa and chips!! I am from Texas and I can eat some good Tex-Mex salsa/chips any day! :)
Lauren said…
How fun and I LOVE Joe's Crab Shack :)
His Doorkeeper said…
Looks like you had a fun week-end vacation! I love how you describe food!

The girls look so cute!
Jenna said…
Were taking B to see the inlaws in Tulsa in a few weeks and were hitting up the aquarium! Where is Los Cabos? I looooove good Mexican food! Sounds like you had a great trip!
Tracy said…
Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the Tulsa Aquarium. Sarah Grace lasted about ten minutes also when we took her.
Kim said…
I though about ya'll this weekend! It sounds like it was a good trip! I'm with E...I love the goats too! ha ha!
Mary Avery said…
That looks like so much fun! I keep thinking we're going to go to the zoo one of these days. Maybe we'll go this fall! Looks like fun!
Jenna said…
I love love love this recap of ya'lls awesome trip! You can just see the fun written all over ya'lls faces. I am SO glad ya'll had a great time!! Thanks for sharing all the awesome pics, sweet Laurie!
Tara G. said…
I almost got to try your Cabot recommendation, but we were surprised with the news we're going to Germany instead (not a bad instead at all!). What a fun trip!!
Leah said…
Los Cabos is yummy!! Did you eat at the one by Bass Pro Shop that's on the water? Love that one!! We used to live in Bartlesville (just north of Tulsa) for my husband's job and would go there sometimes. Very fun place and atmosphere. Do you ever go to Utica Square? Love it!!
Betsy said…
Those zoo pictures are so cute! That sounds like a fun vacation. And, Laurie, you are a woman after my own heart. Give me some salty chips and salsa and some John Mayer and I am in heaven! :) I was just playing his CD in the car today thinking how much I love his music!

Good times!
Leah said…
Oh yeah, sorry I didn't introduce myself! I am Leah, found your blog through Kelly's which I found a while back through Jennifer Francis', who I grew up with! From Arkansas, went to the U of A, then moved to Bartlesville when my husband and I got married and now down in Houston (can you tell he works for an oil company..? haha)
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a wonderful trip, "fussy" SK & everything, I can't believe that woman said that. Little children fuss sometimes, especially if they're tired! Chili's chips and salsa are my favorite too, those sound good too!!
Crystal Chilek said…
Hi! This is really not about your post...I was just looking back at some of your old posts and saw the kitchen that you have for your girls and was wondering where you got it? It is so cute and I would love to get something like that for my little girl. Oh...I found your blog through Kelly's blog. :)
Kristy said…
I love "gritty" ice cream too. My hubby puts his in the microwave to soften it. GAG.

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