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A Tale of Two Tummies

Little Emily had her first day of preschool today. She met lots of new friends and her teacher said she had a great day. I know she is going to love it.

Emily eats a bird amount of food. There are days she eats about 10 bites total. I have NEVER heard her say, "I'm hungry."

Baby sister, on the other hand, LOVES to eat. If I don't get the Yobaby yogurt to her mouth fast enough she says "go!"

Yesterday, we went to Wendy's for lunch. Emily ate one bite of a cheeseburger and maybe two french fries.
Sarah Kate ate half of a cheeseburger. I broke it into little bites and after each bite, she would say,"go!"

We were driving out of the parking lot and Emily remarked, "that food was yummy!"

Who knows??????

She did NOT take after her mother.


Kelley said…
My 3 year old doesn't eat much either. There are only certain foods she will eat. I am not picky at all. Neither is her Dad. We are not sure where this comes from. I have tried everything. I think she weighs what she does because she likes milk. I am completely in the same boat and I don't know what to do about it.
Christa said…
Emily is too the little dress she has on!
Kelly said…
Emily does not take after her Aunt Kelly either.
That pictures makes me want to cry. She looks so grown up. What happened to that little baby I used to hold and the little toddler that used to sit in my lap.....she looks so OLD! I'm so glad her first day was good!
Unknown said…
Go? That is hilarious! I've heard mostly whining progressing to screaming in my career as a nanny when I feed to slow!
Lauren said…
I'm soooo glad her first day went well!!! And wait till she hits that growth spurt, she'll be eating up a storm. And when she becomes a teenager, she'll be eating you out of the house, haha!!!
Andrea said…
lol "GO" I like that. My 2 year old goes back and forth on food. Our pediatrician (who was also my husband's ped :-) told us that kids between 18 months and 3ish WON'T starve themselves, and really only need one meal a day and will snack and graze the rest of the time.

I wish I had a similar preschool story. I missed the registration deadline and my daughter's class is now full...:-( We'll try again in spring.

Best of luck to Emily, she looks so sweet with her little back pack!
Ha! That is funny. As long as she is full, then all is well:) Cute dress on Emily!
Emily is so precious! Both of your girls are beautiful!

I just started to follow you and found you from Kelly's Korner! My two boys have two different eating habits too... they have two different personalities! I think it's the coolest thing!

I look forward to following you!

Jennifer said…
So funny! I know I love to eat! I plan what I am going to eat next as soon as I finish a meal or a snack. Your girls are just so precious!
Amanda Ledford said…
She is too cute! I am so glad she had a good first day of preschool!
His Doorkeeper said…
Emily looks like a doll! Don't worry about her eating. We had to BEG Chris to eat...seriously I offered to pay him to take a bite of something. If it weren't for hot dogs he would have starved to death!! And look at him now....he even loves to cook!
Whitney said…
I stopped over from Kelly's blog! My girls are about the same age (Morgan is 4 and Kennedy is 14 months). We have the same story at our house and I just blogged about a similiar experienc yesterday! :)
Mary Avery said…
That's so cute! I tore up almost a whole hamburger for JM the other day and I was thinking, do little babies normally eat a whole hamburger?! I think it's so interesting how different they can be.
Tara G. said…
I have an ok eater, my boy eats anything, and the third is an enigma. She is finally drinking from a cup (even though she loves milk from a bottle and I removed the choc. syrup). I think she just feels entitled to what she wants (NOW!!) and it's already been painful teaching her that's just not the way our house works! AHHHHH!!!! Your little preschooler is so cute!
Emily is a doll! I love her dress...and backpack...and lunchbox!
Jessica said…
It was a relief to read this post! My son who is 2 1/2 eats at the MAX a small handful of food a day it seems! I am constantly fretting about it... but I'm glad he is not the only kid like this!
Triple J's Girl said…
My kids are the same way! Kennedy is almost 6 and a bean pole, she wont eat hardly anything. Marlie is 13 months and she eats everything in site and cant get her enough! Its amazing how opposite two children can be! I'm so glad Emily liked school, thats a blessing.

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