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Sarah Kate only sees about 50% of the things around her because of her hair. I keep a bow in it ALL the time. I took this shot right when she got up this morning. Bless her heart. I just hate to cut it. I am going to keep doing the bow thing till she starts pulling them out.
Kelly and Lauren gave Emily some of Lauren's old ballet clothes. Emily has never been happier with these new found items.
Here is Sarah Kate walking through the living room after her bath tonight. She is no longer crawling. She is so proud of herself. I am proud of her too! She is carrying around the top to a pitcher. These are the kind of things she LOVES to play with. Earlier today it was an un-opened package of contact holders.
About three months ago, I began bathing the girls in the laundry room sink. It is so much easier that leaning over the bath tub. This old mama needed a simple way to bath them.

Tonight we ate at Kobe and I am still in awe of the wonderful meal. I LOVE food and when I find something really good to eat, I don't hold back. I went on and on about how delicious the food was. I ordered some crunchy California rolls and they were almost up there with Chili's chips and salsa. My favorite food in the world is Chili's chips and salsa. I wouldn't share my California rolls with Steve and I feel bad about that right now, but I told him that I would enjoy them more than he would. ( I was taught that when you share you always feel full )
Emily drank from the soy sauce container on the table. LOVELY. Give that a thought next time you reach for the soy sauce in a restaurant.


It's too bad you won't enroll Emily in ballet classes! Haha!

Hair in the eyes is the reason that Neely ALWAYS has a ponytail on the top of her head--it's easier to keep the bows on that way too.

Is KOBE like Shogun? We've never eaten there before
Kelly said…
I love Kobe!! Kelli Eccleston and I used to eat there all the time! It is really good despite the fact it's in a gas station. ha! I haven't had sushi since before I was pregnant - I need some soon!!!!!
SK is sooo cute and so is Emily! Love them!
Kelly said…
P.S. I just wish Harper HAD some hair. ha!
Andrea said…
Oh my gosh I am cracking up over Emily drinking the soy sauce. My daughter does things like that all of the time too! (my oldest is almost 2)

About Sarah Kate's hair- My daughter had the same problem so I used those little clips that are shaped like a triangle that snap back and forth. When she started pulling those out I bought little rubber bands. AND when THOSE started being pulled out I bought the tiny plastic bands. They sell them in Target or Walmart and I used to only see them in clear, but now they make colors. I put a bow over that to go out, but she can't get those out, and it doesn't rip her hair out. I put one in her hair every morning right after a diaper change....just a thought
Jenna said…
Laurie you are too funny!!
Kim said…
I agree you can't cut SK's hair! It's too cute!
After reading this post I will never use the condiments on a restaurant table again! ha ha!
Lauren said…
To CUTE!!!!! And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi! :O)
Guy and Julie said…
I am really cracking up at the description of your Kobe meal. And I would agree that there is nothing better in the world than Chili's chips and salsa.
The B's said…
Emma drank out of the barbeque sauce conatianer yesterday!!1 Our poor girls! :)
Kelly said…
I don't know you, but found your blog through Kelly's Korner, and had to laugh about your little girl's hair. My daughter is now five, and her hair is beautiful just like your daughter's, but has that same part in it that forces me to put a bow or barrette in it to keep it out of her eyes. It is just now getting long enough and thick enough that we can pull it back, but until then, thank goodness for the talented Etsy sellers who make such cute girly clips!!

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