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Seven Random Things

Kelly's sweet mother tagged me on seven random things about myself.......

1. I love to look at new houses. I love driving around neighborhoods and catching the open houses on the weekends. I like to think about how I would decorate and paint and that sort of thing. I also like seeing houses that are lived in. You can tell a lot about a person when you see their house.

2. I LOVE babies. The younger the better. I love holding them and feeling their soft skin. I could hold a newborn all day.

3. I think Chili's chips and salsa is the BEST thing in the world. That is my favorite food. I wish I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. But, I would be on a TLC obesity show.

4. I am an only child.

5. I ate in the school cafeteria from first grade through my senior year and loved very bite. I know that is REALLY WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!

6. I love medical shows and hospitals and all conversations about medical stuff. I am always telling Steve that I am a Dr. I would LOVE to go to nursing school in the near future.

7. I love to play games.


Kelly said…
I love this list! It made me laugh real hard. Good thing you will have a newborn baby to hold very soon! :-)
I love chili's too but not as much as you.
And all the time I have spent at the doctor lately kind of makes me want to work there. Not as a nurse - but maybe as the girl who weighs you. That would be super fun!
Hillary said…
A TLC Obesity show!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard at your post! You're funny! Our next lunch we'll eat at Chili's and you can embarrass yourself by drinking the salsa out of the container!
Hillary said…
8) I despise chicken salad and I'd rather give up a vital organ than eat it.
9) My cat, Kristen, is demoned possessed and is on crazy pills.
10) I make funny noises when I eat something I really oyster casserole.
Kelly said…
11. I like to listen to Keith Green
12. When I yawn - it sounds like a door coming off it's hinges
13. I don't eat sandwiches or salad.
14. I can't stand for my hair to get messed up. It always looks the same - whether I am at church, at the beach or have just delivered a baby
Leigh Ann said…
I loved this list and of course the lists Hillary and Kelly added, too. Oh, and I liked cafeteria food, too. When I was pregnant with Evan, I wanted cafeteria dressing so bad!
The Garners said…
What a great list! And I love that Hillary and Kelly even expanded it a little. :)
His Doorkeeper said…
Hillary and Kelly, you girls better be careful.....Laurie knows alot about each of you too! And might Like to share it!!
Sara Campbell said…
Laurie, this made me laugh. It is all so true!!!!
I love the list. I always LOVED school lunches too. I thought I was the only one. Now, I'm over all three campus cafeterias at our local school district. How funny!

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