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Out with the Old

 I am thinking of doing away with the gold (Danish Pine).  I had this painted five years ago and I am getting tired of it.
Hoping to do something more neutral.  This is Sherwin Williams Studio Taupe.  It looks gray here, but it really isn't. 

What I REALLY want to do is have our kitchen cabinets painted white and then glazed, BUT it will be $2200 at the least.

In other news..............

I had to take Kristen the cat to the vet Monday and it was VERY STRESSFUL!!!!  Just plain awful.  Trying to get her in the carrier is dreadful.  She kept hopping out of my reach.  I trapped her in the bathroom and got her in the crate.  Then she tried to kill the clinic staff.  They wrapped her in the armored blanket and she was making sounds that made me jump.  The loudest cat screams you have ever heard.  I take her to a clinic in a town about 30 minutes away.  They only see cats and the vet there has a degree in felines and feline geriatrics.  She is very smart and knows Kristen's history.  The past few times I have taken Kristen she always says,  "there are very good vets in your town that could treat Kristen.  I hate that you have to drive this far."  Monday she gave me the name of a few Drs in my town.  HA!  Is that a nice way of saying  NEVER BRING HER HERE AGAIN?  HAHAHA!!!!  I keep on taking her.

Kristen stunts of the week:  She  NEVER plays with a toy.  BUT, I threw an old razor out of the shower yesterday and of course she runs up to it, attacks it and BITES it.  I think she is fine.  I don't think it cut her.


Tara G. said…
We bought our house a year ago and have been painting every inch, ceiling to floor, including cabinets and doors. It's a pain....and we're probably moving this summer. {sigh} Everything was brown, so I chose gray for the walls and seriously, who know there were so many undertones!?

I love your cat stories!! :)
The Howell's said…
Oh, Kristin! When we lived in Rogers, we took our cat to The Cat Clinic. LOVED them. Check them out. :)
Unknown said…
How old is Kristen? My old lady kitty is probably about 14 or 15, and she is soo lazy. She used to be sooo mean, but age has calmed her down.
jen said…
I love your home!!!! Love your blog! You always make me laugh. i really loved your testimony too. We painted and glazed our cabinets in our former home...a lot of work but worth it. Could y'all DIY it maybe?
Patty said…
Check out the blog, chronicles of home. She details step by step how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Do a search on her blog
Patty said…
Check out the blog, chronicles of home. She details step by step how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Do a search on her blog
texas girl said…
Your cat is hilarious and instills in me that I am not a cat person unless they love in a barn ha! I live in texas and its around 500 here to have a kitchen your size done have you gotten multipl
Andie said…
we repainted our cabinets back in 2011 with the help of the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit! It worked and our kitchen looked so much bigger after. I am actually itching to repaint the kitchen too.

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