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Easter Egg Hunt

Today I took Sarah Kate to an eggstravagant Easter egg hunt. My child did not want any eggs....she filled her basket with suckers.  Oh well, to each his own.

My friends Tracy always hosts our Sunday School/playgroup Easter egg hunt.  She goes all out!  She knows how to throw a party!!!!

We had a great time!!!

On the way home SK was singing "Father Abraham."  It was so sweet to hear her sing.  Then she asked,  "how did they bother Abraham?  "His sons bothered him?"  I asked her to repeat herself.  She said the same thing again.  I then asked her to sing the song for me once again.  She thought they were singing, "bother Abraham."  Cute!

I have turned forty and the dentist is talking dentures with me.  SO SAD!  I went to the dentist yesterday and he told me that if I did not start flossing EVERYDAY that I would for sure lose all my teeth.  LOVELY!  I must once again begin putting the little things that look like a baby bottle brush in between my teeth every night.  But, I guess a little torture is better than wearing dentures at my age.


merlin said…
You have such a lovely smile and pretty teeth, I hope you will be inspired to do the hard work of daily flossing (torture) to keep them. So much more is known today about how oral health affects our entire body and importantly our organs. You deserve to keep your teeth if you have the option. You are worth it!
Lindsay said…
I read all the time and whenever dental things come up, I feel like I should comment and then feel silly because I don't know you. Ha! But I am right there with ya sister. I have one tooth that needs to be pulled and I am so scared and embarrassed and . . . Just ugh. I'm sorry :(
I have a feeling I will be getting the same lecture in a few years. :) I better start flossing more often! The Easter egg hunt looks darling.
Angie said…
What a fun day! Your friend really outdid herself, everything is adorable. As far as suckers instead of eggs, I say she is a smart gal :)

My teeth are pitiful at 32 years old. I can only imagine I will get that same talk sooner than later.

Have a lovely weekend!
A.K.W. said…
I try and floss daily, I can floss better now that my Dad took out my bottom retainer (it was cemented in).

Toni :O) said…
You don't want dentures, trust me it's worth flossing! I saw my mom go through pure torture in getting her dentures just 8 years ago, just as I had my daughter. It scarred me forever, I've always told my dentist I will do whatever it takes to avoid dentures! Happy flossing!
What a great party!
Unknown said…
dentures!!!!!! what????
Hannah said…
oh man. i'm so young and have had 2 root canals, and numerous cavities. dentist doesn't know how, but it happened! and they keep telling me to floss everyday. ugg! hope dentures aren't in my future! good luck!
Christine W. said…
I think it is the funniest thing when kids switch up words. Your story about your daughter singing "bother Abraham" cracked me up. I remember when I was little we were on family vacation and went to see where Martin Luther King Jr. was a preacher. My dad told all my brothers that we were going to see the preacher. When we got there one of my brothers refused to go in. My dad picked him up to carry him in and he started crying and screaming. He did not want to go in and see "the CREATURE!" He thought we were saying creature instead of preacher. Children are precious and those are the stories you will always remember and look back and laugh about.

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