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Sing Sing Sing

Emily was real proud of this outfit she put together. My little princess!
My friend Kelly, in Little Rock, gave some tiny servings of Nutella as a part of my birthday gift. A friend recently told me that I should do a blog post of all the things I had put Nutella on.
Here is the list:
candy bar
English muffin
bread stick
ice cream
I think that about does it. Haha!

Sunday night Emily had her choir performance. They did a great job!

Emily and DrewEmily, Sarah Grace, Alex and Jackson
Sarah Kate cried her eyes out before the performance got started because she wanted to be on stage singing with the big kids.


Charity said…
Nutella on a bread stick. And you won't eat ranch dressing. Oh Laurie Laurie!
The B's said…
Nutella is YUMMY with strawberries, apples and bananas! :)
The Bat Cave said…
Nutella and peanut butter!!! I also love it on Bananas and Apples! I also love it straight from the jar!

Robin - West Memphis
Ashley said…
I LOVE Nutella! :) Have you tried Nutella ice cream? I've seen it before but haven't made it yet. Let us know if you do!
Jill said…
Omgoodness, you just made me lol...Nutella on a candy bar. Isn't that double dipping? I love nutella too! I haven't had it in awhile since I've nixed dairy from my diet. Eat an extra spoonful for me next time you indulge!

Jill on the Journey
Ashley E. said…
Oh my word, Nutella is the best thing EVER. My fav vehicle for Nutella transportation is a cutie. The combo of the orange and the chocolate is SOOO good!!!
Kim said…
My son asked me to buy Nutella, and he is SO picky!! I need to get some!
Melissa said…
first...Emily is getting to be quite a grown-up cute.

and how sweet that SK wants to be like her sister.

and LAST...nutella...SERIOUSLY...i should have included that in my post of things i won't eat...LOL (but i love those little serving things your friend gave you)
Candis Berge said…
You forgot.... spoon.

just a spoon. :)
Brittnee Leija said…
I LOVE Nutella on strawberries and blueberries :)
Tara G. said…
Fuuny- I grabbed a little packet like that this morning for my little one here at the hotel for breakfast and I thought of you! I had it with some apples and banana chips. It's delicious heated a little and poured over ice cream, too. :)
Johanne said…
Try a tortilla bread, spread nuttela and then put a banana on it and roll it up :)on strawberries . Here in Ottawa (Canada) we have what they call beaver tails, you can also get them with nutella on them, to die for :) Google Beaver Tails in Ottawa.....yummy yummy yummy!
Sara Campbell said…
Laurie, we keep a jar of it all the time, it's like peanut butter to us. Can you get it easy enough? I can bring you a truck load from here!
ckl616 said…
Hi Lauri ~ I 'know' you from Baby Bangs (Amanda) to Kelly's blog, to you! Greetings! Another blog friend, Connimom, has a recipe on her site for Crispy Nutella Cookies! Yumm! I love the stuff, too! Enjoy ~ I know you'll love these cookies! Blessings, Cheryl
Amy said…
We love Nutella at our house too! My favorite in on pretzel rods. The sweet + salty = YUM MCTASTY!!
Jen said…
Hi Laurie,
I don't have a blog, but I do have an amazing Nutella cake recipe that is so easy and will quickly convert your family! You need a springform pan and the Famous Chocolate Wafers from the grocery store. Just layer the wafer cookies to make the "crust" in the bottom of the pan. Mix up a container of heavy cream and fold in the nutella until it has a mousse like consistency. Fold onto the chocolate cookies. We usually layer the mousse with the cookie layers. Then cover with plastic wrap and put in frig for a few hours. It is amazing!! Hope you like it.
Oh, I found your blog off Kelly's. We live in Atlanta.

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