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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I mentioned yesterday that our air conditioner had gone out. Well, a repair man came last night and found that we had a spider in" something other ", that was blocking the air-flow. He got the spider out and within an hour, our a/c was doing what it was supposed to do! We had to pay for the service call, but he said he could not charge us for removing a spider. We are soooooo thankful that this was all it was.
This is not the spider! Ha! This is Emily's ring.

Sarah Kate is looking at the t.v., pointing and saying,"I want that!" They say that about EVERY toy commercial they see these days.


Erica said…
Oh my! I thought that spider was the real one. Yucky:) Very glad that thing wasn't alive and on your couch! Love your girls' bows, as always!
Lauren said…
I am so glad you put that little disclaimer in there because I seriously thought you were going to say they removed a plastic spider ring from the air conditioner, haha!!!!
Barbara said…
I remember wanting everything on TV toy commercial AND circling every "girly" toy in the JC Penneys and Sears Christmas catalogs.....don't show them those for about 10-12 yrs. Wonder if they have them anymore? LOL
Anonymous said…
my kids do the same thing- every commercial they see i always hear "can i put that on my christmas list mommy?" im like- hello! in 5 minutes you won't even remember what stinkin toy you saw and wanted!! silly kids :)
Nancy said…
Yuck to the spider, but yay to the quick fix on the air!
Tara G. said…
Seriously?! A spider made the AC stop working?! How crazy is that! SK looks really tall to me in these photos- I know, she's sitting in each one.
Toy commercials should be outlawed! HA!
kim_brough said…
A coworkers kids said "Mommy I want that!".... it was a Tampax commercial! Ha ha.

And there is very little math & chemistry to being a nurse! It's the whole 'can't get a grade lower than a 75' part that is really stressful!
The Mirza's said…
I read your blog all the time and think you are too funny. I actually saw your daughters name Sarah Kate, and fell in love with the name and named our third child, Sarah Kate. I have a Sophie who is around your SK's age.
Anyways my kids are doing that too with the commercials. My son will come running to me and tell me what latest cleaning device I need, or whatever.
Have a good weekend and we all enjoy your blog!

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