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Art, 4th, and Answered Prayer

Emily was two and a half last week . This picture shows her artistic skill of a girl with a bow. I am pretty impressed! I taught elementary art for twelve years before staying at home with Emily. I started loving art when I was about three. I loved to draw the characters on Sesame Street.
Happy 4th of July! Sarah Kate is wearing her new red, white and blue sleeper.Steve's brother and his wife are here this weekend visiting us. We have had a good time. Emily is getting very spoiled by Uncle Justin and Aunt Cissy! Last night Sarah Kate had her first official outing. We ate at Chili's and she did good until my last bite and she woke up screaming.
The Lord has answered our prayers. My best friend, Kelly, is having a BABY! We have prayed for them for many months. When I was pregnant, I would usually wake up around 2:00 a.m. and stay awake till 5:oo am. I would always use some of that time to pray that Kelly would get pregnant. This is such a blessing. Kelly and Scott will be WONDERFUL parents. I am loving going through this pregnancy with Kelly. Sarah Kate is giving her some practice.


His Doorkeeper said…
Laurie, you will be such a role model and help to Kelly when her baby arrives! I'm so glad you are friends that are so close and your children can grow up together!

Sarah Kate is so cute! And you know Emily can't help but be artistic!
Kelly said…
This was so sweet it made me cry. SK looks just thrilled for me to be holding her- ha!ha!
Every time I think about this time next year and all the things we will finally get to do together with our babies - I just smile to myself with glee! All my dreams have finally come true - we are still friends and our husbands and children (are/will be) friends!
P.S. Emily and Sarah Kate look so cute in their 4th of July outfits!
Leigh Ann said…
Emily's dress is adorable! Sarah Kate looks a lot like her big sister. I am SO happy for Kelly. You are so right, she and Scott will be amazing parents. I am just thrilled for them. I am also impressed with Emily's artistic ability, but she comes by it naturally, right?! :)
pinkmommy said…
What an artist!

I am so impressed that the screaming didn't start until after you finished your meal! It usually always starts as soon as the food comes!
Joanne Andy said…

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